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Matthew Stafford

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Just now, LionArkie said:

How about bringing their past greats back for administrative rolls (spielman), and advisory roles (Barry sanders)? Not only that but Detroit investing in former players as coaches, and the general appreciation of Dan Campbell. They even made a very good offer to Calvin Johnson after the initial fiasco and he denied it.

I think this is a non-issue.

I'm not saying that the Lions aren't doing those things and haven't improved upon them. It was more of a broad based "I do think how past greats have been treated does make a difference vs just straight cash" when it comes to free agency (and more so, bringing back your own guys). 

The team has faltered in the past but I do agree they have improved in this area as illustrated by some of the examples you've laid out. 

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2 hours ago, Karnage84 said:

Maybe not a FA on the open market but I wonder how it would factor in with our own UFA's. If you've been drafted into a team with a long-standing history and tradition, there will be a number of guys that want to end their careers with said team (potential HOF, ring of honour, etc.). A lot of players play because they want to be great and receive the recognition for that as opposed to just going for money. 

How the team treats its own greats can/will play a role in whether that player wants to stay because of how they're recognized vs just going out and chasing the dollar (or looking for that recognition from a team that treats their greats much better). 

I think it's even less likely to impact our own UFA's decision to re-sign here or not. If I'm considering resigning with a team I already know what it's going to be like to work there. Things like relationship with coaches/owners and family impact are going to have so much more impact than if a QB, whom surprisingly few of our players have played with, signs a one day contract or not. 

I agree how a team treats their greats can have a minor impact (ie: the Calvin Johnson and Barry Sanders situation). I just don't think Stafford choosing to sign a one day contract or not after he retires shows mistreatment.

Stafford is still under contract with the rams through 2026 btw. He might not even have the option to sign a one day contract with the Lions. 

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