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Titans expected to release OLB Bud Dupree


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18 hours ago, jrry32 said:

There's also the part about Dupree being a quality run defender on the edge, whereas Beasley offered little outside of his pass rushing. I'd take a shot on Dupree now on a cheap contract to see if he stays healthy. If he does, you get a great athlete who can defend the run and will play with his motor revved as a pass rusher.

he deserves some credit for aspects of his play. Problem is, the teams give contracts to players that are more potential and hope based rather than factual track record based and then this happens.  I just noticed he got 6 years in Pitt when I thought it was only 5.  He was decent at the end, but then got hurt and then titans signed him.  One thing is certain, if a player has an injury history and can't be counted on, it will affect their contracts from here on.  Tough reality of the NFL

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17 hours ago, biggie. said:

More like Dud Dupree.

he will probably try a 1 year prove it deal somewhere, nowhere near the amount he is used to getting Looking at his career earnings, and seeing he had probably a total of 20 good games if that, I would say he got paid quite well, must have a good agent. Maybe have him call Lamar so the drama can end

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