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Jarvis Landry - Contract Thoughts

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So far, neither side has made an initial offer. Landry has said he won't negotiate after the season opens in September.

Keeping Landry on his 2017 salary of $900k and tagging him for $15 million in 2018 is still on the table. This would give Miami an extra year to work out a long-term deal. (Devante Parker is under contract through 2019 if they pick up his 5th year option).

My prediction? Landry signs before the season begins.

4 year extension, $49 million in new money, with $24 million guaranteed and a $12 million signing bonus. Since he's under contract for 2017, the total deal would be 5 years, $50.11 million. Where would Landry rank after this deal?

7th in total value.
13th in average per year.
5th in total guaranteed.

Landry is a top 3 slot WR and a fringe top 20 WR in the NFL. This new contract would pay him roughly like a top 10 WR.. but after the season his deal would be quickly out-stripped. By the time 2018 rolled around his numbers will probably be just inside the top 20, and he'll have three years remaining on the deal.


What would you sign him for? Would he be worth $10 million per year?

Keep in mind the Dolphins don't have a lot of high-profile FAs coming up after this season. The biggest names are guys like DE William Hayes, LB Koa Misi, OL Jermon Bushrod, pretty much every safety not named Reshad Jones, and a few depth OL.

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I only hesitate on a Landry extension due to the type of receiver he is.  His breed doesn't usually have a long, sustained period of peak performance.  

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The only thing I can say is if we let him walk I'm going to be mad. Kid plays hard, kid is productive. Love the kid. Pay the kid.

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