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Week 2: Ravens @ Bengals

Ray Reed

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Guess we need a thread huh. Another game in Cincy, another handful of All Pros out with injury against a healthy Bengals squad. Rinse repeat.

Random Predictions:

Melvin Gordon TD

Kyle Hamilton Sack

Ardarius Washington forces a TO

The Bengals run for 100+

Ravens have 3 TOs

Bengals win 31-20


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Tough task for Mike Macdonald to slow down the Bengals without Williams and Humphrey. The Bengals were sloppy week 1, but will be dialed in for a victory for their home opener to course correct. Best hope on this side of the ball is the Bengals not playing to their potential.

On offense, I still think we are finding our way. I hope we are stretching and figuring out what we can do. I actually would prefer an ugly/messy outing than one where we are super conservative and regress to a lot of heavy sets, even if that boosts our chances of a victory today. That is not good for Lamar or the offense over the course of this season.

This is about as much as I've "expected" a loss since 2019. I also don't care, because we are playoff lock as long as Lamar plays 15+ games. Please no more injuries 🤞

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