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Week 3 GDT - Jets vs. Patriots: Merry Excursion to The Big Apple


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The Patriots leave Foxboro for the first time this year and head to New York to meet the division rival Jets for the first matchup this year. History favours them as they enter Metlife Stadium with a 14 game win streak against Gang Green (or is that the Eagles? whatever).

The hype around the Jets lasted four offensive snaps when off-season diva - in-season perennial MVP candidate - playoff chocker Aaron Rodgers got his ankle injured. It speaks of the work of the Jets FO and coaching staff though that they remained a competitve team through solid defensive play and a stable running attack. The Achilles heel of the team is QB play as Zach Wilson is still a liability with his bone-headed decision making and inability to read opposing defenses.

On the Pats side I expect stabile mediocrity from the offense and just hope the OL will start showing of improvement. The defense will need to fix its issue of stopping runs in the middle or else we're in for a long night again.

So anyway, go Pats!

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4 minutes ago, m haynes said:

Also Douglas is getting his confidence stripped by BB. Way to go Billy Boy!!!!!

Nah, I don't think so. They've kept players who made mistakes in games instead of doghousing them right away. Douglas had a nice grab in this last drive too.

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7 minutes ago, LD696 said:

Considering that Jones has not been sacked yet, competent playcalling masks a lot of the OL's issues. Which is at least good.

Which is a miracle by Mac. 

Ol sucks and we have nothing from our WRs. Why is Bourne not featured is beyond me.


Just think, other than Mac, our best offensive player is a new  blocking TE Brown.

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