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Will McClay staying


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Can confirm that Cowboys VP player personnel Will McClay is not proceeding with interview requests for open GM roles. “Flattered by the interest” but “staying put” as he committed to his son, Gabe. 

Gabe will be a senior in high school next year.



McClay is flattered by the interest. But honoring the commitment he made to his son to stay here and close, at least until he gets out of high school



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We’ll know for sure if McClay is here for the long haul next year, when his son leaves for college. But I honestly don’t expect him to leave.

-I bet he gets paid more than most GMs
-family, friends, life all in Dallas
-probably has all the responsibility he wants, and none that he doesn’t
-gets so much credit for the good, so little blame for the bad

He’s gonna leave that for a situation for one where he’ll get fired in a few years if things don’t go perfectly? Just because the title next to his name isn’t “GM”?

I’m skeptical.

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There is more to being a GM than making good personnel decisions anyway. Being involved in the decisions regarding coaches, team travel arrangements, cap management, assembling and managing entire scouting departments and assigning their scouts to specific roles, areas, and tasks, work on contracts, work with and speak to players and their concerns, and much else. Usually teams will hire guys who help do those things, like assistant director of football operations, salary cap executives usually with an accounting background, director of player personnel or assistant directors with a law background who can work with the cap gurus to negotiate contracts and balance the cap accordingly, etc. 

A successful GM is only 1 part scout. They are also one part HR department, one part travel agency, one part supervisor for a huge work force of scouts and other executives as well as coaches, and one part .. well, pretty much everything else associated with operating a team. They usually have an army of assistants to help, but it's not their assistants who take the blame when things awry - it's them.

I can't see McClay willingly leaving the comfortable situation he has here in Dallas running the personnel and scouting aspects of the front office, to do all of the other medial tasks being a GM involves, and then also knowingly being stuck taking all of the blame if even one area of the many he oversees falls flat. You can murder your entire career that way. And right now his career is not only just safe, but on a trajectory where he could probably stay around in his role until his 80s if he truly wanted to.

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