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Haha21 Mock Draft


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For your draft OL Barton, ILB Cooper, CB Melton, RB Wright, S Bishop were very nice back to back pickups.

I was encouraged to do a 5 round draft myself (nflmockdraft database). I got:

1   C/G Powers-Johnson  As good a center as you are likely to see. Can easily play guard at 330+lb. At #25 I have no problems with taking a center. Picking a little earlier, I'd look harder for premium positions value, but 5th or 6th best OT or CB is less attractive and QB and WR isn't needed.
2  DL Braden Fiske.  9.88 RAS score. Great size/speed/strength with a fine motor.
2  CB Mike Sainristil   Best slot corner. A slow but consistent riser (was a 3rd/4th, a few months back).
3  RB Jaylen Wright  Corum and Benson were there, but too many injuries (Benson) and a little light in weight (Corum). Jaylen runs low and very fast and has the agility to make guys miss.
3  S   Javon Bullard  Could have had Bullock or Bishop here. A little shorter and lighter than you'd like, but a great football player.
4  ILB Cedric Gray. Fast, heady, solid tackler. Very athletic. would have been nice to address ILB earlier, but other guys caught my eye.
5) CB/S Renardo Green  Listed variously as a safety or corner - I'm projecting him as a boundary corner. Bootleg Football (Snyder/Kollman) loved him at corner in the Shrine Bowl.

This isn't a draft like some in the past, where there are only a few players I like. I like lots this year.


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