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Final Fantasy VII Remake / Rebirth / ??? - Spoiler Thread

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OK realizing that many ppl haven't finished playing the game, I'm putting a spoiler thread, so ppl can talk freely on this.    With a 3rd game in the future, this can live on for that purpose as well.

I'll post my thoughts in the next day or 2, as I've just finished the game.

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OK let's get the spoiler-related comments, which for the negatives, are important (but won't let the positives get missed too):

AGAIN, if you haven't played to the end...don't read.   I'll protect against side quest spoilers, but anything that happened in the main story is fair game.

So let's go...



1.    Teasing the final outcome, but going the safe route - the main quest is really centered around the Black Materia, the Ancients Temple & of course, Sephiroth & Aerith.    The game knows it, and it teases this with fakeouts so many times in the last 2 chapters.   And while that ending was powerful, man, it did feel like they were trying to play "gotcha".    After teasing that the game could go in any direction - they basically didn't change anything of note - maybe Aerith survived, but Cloud died.   Or maybe it's Tifa.   Or Barret.   But nope, we got the same outcome.  I get that saving Aerith might have made it lower-stakes for the finale, though - I just kinda wish they did SOMETHING different.

2.    Sephiroth as final boss - I love Sephiroth.  But if you're going to have 3 games, you can't have Sephiroth be the endgame boss each time.   It takes away the impact, as you know he's coming back.  Jenova would have been a far better choice IMO.

3.   Chadley - I really needed to see less of him.   I get he's needed for the history and be the control room guy, but it would have been far better in the side quests if we just got the info fed from other NPC's where possible.    

4.    Wonky games - god I nearly broke my controller with that Chicken Side quest, Fort Condor & Gears / Gauntlets side games.     Because the main fighting mechanics were so good and responsive, it was so jarring to have such bad controls or arbitrary battle mechanics at other times.

5.   Zack's usage - I get it, he's an example of the new alternate realities.   But man, for hinting at a new FF7 for us to experience, his usage overall as a glorified babysitter for 12 chapters was disappointing, to say the least. 

6.   Multiverse - I get it, it can explain different outcomes.  It's just the default choice to cover for past bad writing. 





1.    Multiverse - how is it good & bad?    Well, the multiverse angle is definitely overused in movies today.   And it's an easy way out - but in this setting, it's the only way that works with Remake's ending - and the ending with Aerith, while taking the "safe" approach, is one that aligns with the multiverse angle.  I hate that they faked us out with Cloud blocking the kill shot, only for Aerith to die...but it also means, in some worlds, that's exactly what happened.   I really did like how they had the Beagle Stamp appear in 5 different forms in this game - to underline the different multiverses created with each divergent choice outcome.   It created the explanation of how Aerith's Holy Materia was empty (Whispers drained it), and how she was able to get it back (Cloud collected it from an alternate Aerith).     It does leave open the chance we may see Aerith again in FF VII #3, more than just beyond appearing as a memory & spirit.   That would be ballsy.   If you're giving us the multiverse mechanic, then I hope we see something change for the 3rd act.  So I can't list it as a total negative, the 3rd act will tell.

2.    Fighting / Gameplay - again, I have to say how much better the system was, with total control of the full party AND the real-time attack filling up the ATB gauge, but the Synergy pairins & Abilities rewarding using the whole team.    Fights could be short against weak opponents (thankfully), but Abilities/Synergy/Limits were so damn fun to use.   I have to note that Summons were barely needed as a result, but the tradeoff was way more rewarding than just spamming buttons over & over.

3.    Side Quests that were story focused - I love that side quests gave us way more background on Jessie/Biggs/Wedge, or called back side characters from Remake that I forgot about (the missing GF from Don's house, for example), or expanded on the side characters we met this game.     CAUTION - if you haven't done the side quests, don't read my next part...


Sure, some characters like Kyrie or Beck's gang were annoying, but finding more about Broden gave a lot more impact when he turned, and the Jonny  hotel side quest was uber rewarding (getting that crown from the Tonberry King might have been one of the 5 hardest fights to steal a clean crown).  Plus, the 7th infantry side quest in Chapter 12 sure deepened that storyline even more.   I also loved the twist that Cissnei was a former Turk, and finding out more about Barret's past beyond the Main Quest.    And come on, who can say no to MORE VINCENT VALENTINE......

Yes, a few of them were incredibly annoying mechanics-wise, and others were fetch quests - but overall, they deepened relationships a ton between characters.  Anything that had Cloud-Tifa, Cloud-Barrett or Cloud-Aerith, the payoff was well worth it (I'd say the chicken one was the worst to try and finish, but the ending was almost worth it....ALMOST lol).

4.  Music - again, I have to emphasize how great the score was.  The old faves are still around, and were amazing as always - but the new additions were really terrific. And as trite as the lyrics were, the new theme song, was fantastic - as Loren Allred (the singer who did "Never Enough" on Greatest Showman) performance made it so memorable.    NGL, when the ending credits showed up and the "No Promises To Keep" tag & song played, it had me choked up.  

5.  Those Set Pieces - Junon army parade, the piano pieces with Tifa, and of course, the Loveless performance - reminded me of how I felt playing FF6's Opera for the first time.   Cinematic presentation at its finest.  I got the 100K for Junon, A ratings for the 2 themes I had to play (Tifa & Aerith's theme of course), and got the S in Loveless.    Gotta say it was fun doing all 3.    And yes, the cutscenes just killed it overall. 

6.  Hojo / Shinra / Turks expansion - we really got a ton more on this side, and I have to say, it was everything I hoped for.     I realize they wanted to keep Hojo around for the 3rd act, but him being a mutated boss would have been a great endgame boss (instead of Sephiroth V2...again).   It was also nice to see the rivalries expand more (Scarlett being the one that cost Barret his arm) or close the gap (Aerith revealing to Tseng she never hated him while he was her Shinra guardian), just made them more than shallow 2D Black Hats.   

7.  Party backstories - loved that we got to see the key defining moments for all the main party characters.   Aerith's mom, Tifa's dad, Barret's wife, Yufi reliving Sonin's death (bet we get resolution there in 3rd game!), total chef's kiss.

8.  Queen's Blood - It really is worth playing to the 30 battles. 



Don't get me wrong, this isn't a 7-8/10 game.  It's an amazing game, and if it gets GOTY nomination and some buzz, I wouldn't be surprised....but there are clear imperfections.  It's also true that what they do well, they do amazingly well.   I don't think it's a stretch to say it's the best FF game since FFIX (FFX is one I loved at the time, but man it's aged so poorly with how slow it is).    It really is that well done in terms of making the fighting great, the stories & characterization are so top notch, with great presentation and music.   As a background - Disc 2 of the OG game was around 10-12 hours - so expanding to 40 hours of main story (and at least another 20-30 with side quests) shows how fleshed out it really is.      As much as the negatives are real, it doesn't take away the overall experience...nor my anticipation for Game 3 in 4+ years time (lol trying to be realistic).

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I finished last Thursday or Friday. It was 1230 am before I finished lol.

I wasn't planning on it but I got to the Jenova boss fight and said well no turning back.

I'm still collecting my thoughts but here's what I have:

1. Aerith still dies. The OG storyline always has to happen.

2. When Cloud goes in to save her, he doesn't actually go through the cave but the portal the whispers made. So does he create a timeline with just him and a living aerith?

3. I forgot that in remake, Cloud not only can see his past memories but also future memories. 

4. I will be re playing both games soon. I find that there's some text in remake that is intruging.

5. At the beginning of rebirth, Zack and Cloud enter midgar. The team is killed/beat up and shinra is looking for an ex-solider with a buster solider... I don't think that's zack as he just appeared so did cloud from that world disappear? jump into another porta/timeline? 

6. How does Marlene know about Sephorith?

7. I hope part three gets release by 2027 for their 30th year anni.

8. Another scene that i have a question about is before the final boss battle in rebirth... The gang sees cloud and a dead aerith. However when the scene fades in and out between Aerith living and dying, the first face we see is Tifa... Is she somehow able to see both endings? I know she doesn't see the aerith cloud sees at the end but I find that scene interesting that they make it seem like its from her point of view.


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