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2024 Draft: Published Grades

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For what they may be worth, post-draft grades are a tradition. While we wait for Goldfishwars, post some that you find.

This is the NFL.com snap grade.


Kansas City Chiefs
Draft picks

Texas WR Xavier Worthy (No. 28 overall)
BYU OT Kingsley Suamataia (No. 63)
TCU TE Jared Wiley (No. 131)
Washington State DB Jaden Hicks (No. 133)
Penn State OL Hunter Nourzad (No. 159)
Tennessee DB Kamal Hadden (No. 211)
Holy Cross OL C.J. Hanson (No. 248)

Day 1 grade: A
Day 2 grade: A-
Day 3 grade: A

Analysis: If you're wondering how the Chiefs stay on top, just look at this draft haul. Worthy is the sort of speedy difference-maker the Chiefs have searched for since trading Tyreek Hill away in 2022, and they did not give up much value to AFC rival Buffalo in the trade up to select him. They also did not have to reach for Suamataia, who should work himself into the lineup at tackle or guard if he's able to improve on his footwork.

Wiley's potential as a mismatch against smaller defenders made him one of the top picks of the fourth round. Hicks joins past Chiefs picks L'Jarius Sneed and Chamarri Conner as yet another potential bargain defensive back in the fourth round. Nourzad could start at center or guard in the NFL. They'll be looking for corners, running backs and linebackers after the draft.


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Posted (edited)



1 (28): WR Xavier Worthy, Texas
2 (63): T Kingsley Suamataia, BYU
4 (131): TE Jared Wiley, TCU
4 (133): S Jaden Hicks, Washington State
5 (159): C Hunter Nourzad, Penn State
6 (211): CB Kamal Hadden, Tennessee
7 (248): G C.J. Hanson, Holy Cross

Worthy — Kansas City trades up to select the fastest player in combine history. Worthy, owner of the 4.21-second 40-yard dash, gives Patrick Mahomes the most explosive outside threat he’s had since the departure of Tyreek Hill. However, However, Worthy earned PFF receiving grades in the low 70s in each of the last two years, and there are concerns about his 172-pound frame. It’s a gamble by a Chiefs organization looking to make their offense more aggressive.

Suamataia — The Chiefs trade up one spot to select Suamataia, who could be their new starting left tackle. Suamataia has experience on both sides of the line. He posted an 80.9 PFF pass-blocking grade on the right side in 2022 and an 86.1 PFF pass-blocking grade on the left side in 2023. Protecting Patrick Mahomes is a top priority, and Suamataia can help that cause.

Wiley —The Kansas City Chiefs continue to supply Patrick Mahomes with weapons in the 2024 NFL Draft. Wiley is a very, very reliable option in the passing game. His eight receiving touchdowns ranked tied for first among FBS tight ends last year, while his 308 yards after the catch ranked eighth. The Chiefs’ tight end room is legit.

Hicks — The Chiefs continue to stack up extremely productive defensive backs in the NFL Draft. Hicks, a standout at the Reese’s Senior Bowl, possesses rare movement ability in the back end. Hicks earned an 83.0 coverage grade in 2023; he is a smart player who will fit in extremely well with a DB room that is already loaded with young, hungry talent.

Nourzad — Nourzad is a high-floor center prospect who fits into most NFL offenses and should provide some nice depth to the Chiefs’ talented interior offensive line. Nourzad has put up some shaky grades in pass protection for Penn State over the last several seasons, but he earned a 77.0 run-blocking grade in 2023.

Hadden — Hadden struggles in run support and press coverage, but there’s enough there to work with where it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him make it in the NFL. He earned a 90.4 PFF coverage grade, including a 90.9 zone-coverage grade in 2023.

Hanson — Hanson was a better run blocker than a pass blocker, earning a 71.5 PFF run-blocking grade compared to a 63.5 PFF pass-blocking grade. The step up in competition level will be steep for Hanson, so the preseason will be key for him.

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Sports Illustrated

Grade: B+

Round 1: No. 28: Xavier Worthy, WR, Texas
Round 2: No. 63: Kingsley Suamataia, OT, BYU
Round 4: No. 131: Jared Wiley, TE, TCU
Round 4: No. 133: Jaden Hicks, S, Washington State
Round 5: No. 159: Hunter Nourzad, IOL, Penn State
Round 6: No. 211: Kamal Hadden, CB, Tennessee
Round 7: No. 248: C.J. Hanson, OG, Holy Cross
Analysis: Kansas City went into the draft with two clear needs: left tackle and wide receiver. GM Brett Veach found both in the early rounds, trading up to land both Worthy and Suamataia. Worthy has blazing 4.21 speed, albeit weighing 165 pounds. If he hits, though, the Chiefs’ offense will be back in full force.

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A to Z Sports

Round 1, Pick No. 28 overall: Texas WR Xavier Worthy
Breaking down the pick: Everything about this pick has just been awesome. From the trade-up with Buffalo to the reaction from his new teammates. Worthy is exactly what the Chiefs' offense has been lacking in recent years at the receiver position. What has me most excited about this pick is that Worthy gets to come in and learn from a veteran like Hollywood Brown. I think that pairing will make Worthy a much better pro in the long run. 
Final Grade: A

Round 2, Pick No. 63 overall: BYU OT Kingsley Suamataia
Breaking down the pick: The Chiefs had a clear need here, but there is one reason this pick won't be getting an A-grade from me. I have some concerns about how quickly Suamataia will slot into a starting role. He struggled with his inside shoulder when aligning on the left side at the Senior Bowl. Power can give him problems at times, too. I think he can play left tackle and be a quality one at that, but it might take some time. The competition in Year 1 might not be as stout for Wanya Morris as it could or should be.
Final Grade: B+

Round 4, Pick No. 131 overall: TCU TE Jared Wiley
Breaking down the pick: I know Chiefs fans wanted the team to double-up at wide receiver, but I feel like this was the better move for the team. The Ringer's Danny Kelly had Wiley as TE2 in the entire 2024 NFL draft. He has a massive catch radius, does damage in the middle of the field, and is a great athlete. Wiley is coming off a season where he led the FBS in touchdown receptions by a tight end. Getting this guy in a room to learn from Travis Kelce will pay major dividends. The only downside is that this pick felt a little forced as the position group really thinned out with five TEs being selected ahead of him in Round 4.
Final Grade: A-

Round 4, Pick No. 133 overall: Washington State S Jaden Hicks
Breaking down the pick: About as perfect a value pick as you could ask for. The Athletic's Dane Brugler had Hicks ranked as his 39th overall player in the 2024 NFL draft. He's the exact type of positionless defensive back that Steve Spagnuolo loves to use in his scheme. Either safety spot, dime linebacker, nickel corner and he has some coverage snaps that are so good that I wouldn't be shocked to see him play some outside corner, too. 
Final Grade: A+

Round 5, Pick No. 158 overall: Penn State OL Hunter Nourzad
Breaking down the pick: It's not a sexy pick, which is the main reason why I'm not grading it higher, but this was a big need for the Chiefs after Nick Allegretti's departure. Nourzad can play all three interior offensive line positions. K.C. really needed the depth there, not just for the 2024 NFL season, but for the future with a few players in contract years this season. 
Final Grade: B+

Round 6, Pick No. 211 overall: Tennessee CB Kamal Hadden
Breaking down the pick: The Chiefs traded away L'Jarius Sneed this offseason and Hadden feels like the perfect skillset to add to the room. He's a physical boundary cornerback who is always around the ball. His coverage in the seven games before his injury in 2023 was as close to lockdown as you'll see at the NCAA level and it came in the SEC. 
Final Grade: A

Round 7, Pick No. 248 overall: Holy Cross OG C.J. Hanson
Breaking down the pick: I understand why the Chiefs made this pick. They have a lot of future needs on the interior offensive line and need depth/competition. It's just not the sexiest pick, especially when you already grabbed two other offensive linemen. The redeeming quality here is knowing that if Hanson had played for an FBS school, he'd probably have been picked in the top 150. He has the athleticism and makeup to be a 10-year starter in the league.
Final Grade: C+

Final Grade: A-
Youth and athleticism were the themes of this draft class for Brett Veach. It's tough to draft at the end of each round, so you've got to find some traits to hang your hat on. Those are certainly some good ones. However, it does come with some risks. How ready will the young players in this draft class be? Can they contribute in the NFL game immediately? Players like Xavier Worthy and Jared Wiley should be able to slot into the passing game quickly. Jaden Hicks and Kamal Hadden on the defensive side of the ball as well. The offensive linemen, though? There is always a steep learning curve coming from college to the NFL. Even Chiefs assistant GM Mike Borgonzi admitted that they needed to get Kingsley Suamataia in the building before knowing how ready he is to be a starter at left tackle.

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Kansas City Chiefs
Boasting an elite defense, the reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs entered this draft season needing to get more help for Patrick Mahomes on the offensive side of the ball, especially in the wake of Rashee Rice's legal troubles. They did so in a big way (and Mahomes showed his gratitude to general manager Brett Veach on social media). They added a weapon in Xavier Worthy whose 4.21-second 40-yard dash set an NFL Combine record. That speed figures to be lethal with Mahomes. Kansas City's top three picks were on offense. —Arthur

Grade: A-

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According to ESPN (paywalled) the Chiefs had five of the top 100 picks in the draft, one of the top five, and two of the top 20.

4. WR Xavier Worthy, WR
18. TE Jared Wiley, TE
61. CB Kamal Hadden
74. S Jaden Hicks
85. OT Kingsley Suamataia

Also relevant, Suanataia is related to Penei Sewell and Puca Nakua among others


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Posted (edited)

GFW is wrapping analysis with some statistical work. This a bit of it. First total draft capital based on trade value vs value of players drafted based on GFW's ranking.


29. Kansas City (3,781) -  9
30. Detroit (3,758) -  5

ramssuperbowl99 commented. 



First thought is that this strongly backs up what I think we all intuitively knew, that these rankings prioritize efficient use of draft capital. Still I'm a bit surprised, this is a smaller correlation than I expected. Unless teams spend their value wisely, they are only getting 20 cents on the dollar.

Second thought is Detroit and KC crushed it.



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Posted (edited)
On 4/28/2024 at 7:17 AM, onejayhawk said:

and they did not give up much value to AFC rival Buffalo in the trade up to select him.

Our 3rd. rd. pick is not chump change. It makes the Worthy pick all the more important that he hits on all the hype and holds up under contact.

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50 minutes ago, mayanfootball said:

Our 3rd. rd. pick is not chump change. It makes the Worthy pick all the more important that he hits on all the hype and holds up under contact.

That sounds like they gave up the third  .. nope  .. it was a swap down a round  ..

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2 hours ago, mayanfootball said:

Our 3rd. rd. pick is not chump change. It makes the Worthy pick all the more important that he hits on all the hype and holds up under contact.

Trading back a round is quite different from giving up a pick. 

We traded back from #95 to #133. Looked at another way, it's the difference between DeWayne Carter DL, Duke and Jaden Hicks S, WSU. If you believe CBS rankings the Chiefs came away with the better player. 

I agree that it's important that Worthy is worthy. If nothing else as a rookie, XW should be a lethal PR. It's how Tyreek Hill spent his rookie season.


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Kansas City Chiefs

THE CHIEFS SPLURGED ON DAY 1 BY TRADING UP FOR THE FASTEST MAN IN NFL COMBINE HISTORY, then spent the rest of the draft scooping up value prospects.

Xavier Worthy wasn’t my favorite receiver in this class (he was my WR7, 34th player overall), but he represents one of the most-fun team-player fits. Worthy gives Patrick Mahomes another big-time playmaker who can tilt the field with his speed and run-after-the-catch talent. The Chiefs turned around in the second round and addressed their offensive line, grabbing a long and athletic tackle in Kingsley Suamataia, who I had ranked as my 47th-best player. The Jared Wiley pick in the fourth round is tantalizing as well: Wiley was my TE2 coming into the draft (87th overall) and offers a rare size/speed combination at the position. He’s incredibly smooth and brings big-play potential—and the potential to develop into Travis Kelce’s long-term successor. Safety Jaden Hicks was my 97th overall player, and the Chiefs got him at no. 133. All in all, an impressive weekend for the two-time defending champs.


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