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DC Steve Spagnuolo to interview for HC

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I love Spags and what he's done for the franchise, but absolutely do NOT want him as HC.

HOWEVER, and I'm sure this will be an unpopular opinion given how poor the defense was, but I still think he's a good coordinator and would be fine with him continuing that role as long as Gettleman and the HC support that. The defense this year was obviously atrocious but they were put in probably the worst circumstances a defense could be put in with an offense that had more 3-and-outs than scoring drives and failed to score 20 points practically every game, plus all of the injuries and suspensions. The SAME defense was easily top-5 last year when they stayed relatively healthy and had a slightly better offense.

But like I said, it depends on if the new FO wants him as their guy. If they do, I'm okay with it.

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