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2018 Free Agency

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1 hour ago, MikeT14 said:

I don't remember all the details about Trotter. I don't remember him being awful, but I know he was only here 2 years.


I looked up his numbers... they were pretty similar to his time in PHI. What went wrong? I really don't remember.

He couldn’t cover and the way we ran our defense, the MLB had a lot of coverage responsibilities. He was great against the run but got burned like crazy trying to defend the pass. 

Also, Antonio Pierce emerged as a younger player who could cover backs and tight ends so Trotter was expendable.

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2 minutes ago, MikeT14 said:

Antonio makes sense.

I also remember Trotter wanting out. He wanted out of Washington, just like Laverneous Coles wanted out and the Redskins made that happen.

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1 hour ago, HTTRG3Dynasty said:

Wonder who the 3 teams are:


Yeah man, I can’t believe he’s considering retirement. I just commented on this post and wished him well. 

I do still think that if he went to the Rams that he’d be their starting ROLB and get near 10 sacks again or over. 

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