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Cardinals DC James Bettcher hired for same position

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3 hours ago, Acgott said:

Arizona has been a 3-4 past few years


barely tho, I didn't pay much attention to the Cards this year but in previous years and I would bet this year the base defense was more two down lineman with two OLBs also on the line. Then 2 off ball lbers, 3 safeties, 2 outside CBs. maybe that counts as a 3-4, idk.

Might be interesting to see what he could do with Landon Collins. Could play him like he did Budda or maybe use him more like a LB ala Deone.

^^the twitter thread under/in that tweet has a couple plays that show his play calling style

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We've played a nickel defense for a while now. Lots of 5-6 DB sets with plenty of blitzing. It's an exciting defense, I was a big fan of Bettcher and will be very interested to see how he fairs with a new team. He's been accused of just feeding off of Bowles' defense. Some of our defense numbers the past few years haven't been all that great, and I attribute that to some putrid offense and special teams (mainly special teams) play that constantly put them in bad situations. 

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