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2017 Season Thread

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Desmond King is being disguised by the Ingram/Bosa pass rush duo. Pass rush makes secondary players look light years better then they are. One of them goes down, this defense looks very different. I’ve been impressed so far with King but think he’s overachieving right now. 

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On 12/17/2017 at 8:20 AM, Zappaz said:

I partially agree about the draft, but King is playing like a 1st rounder which makes up for it a little bit. Mike Williams has been a dud so far, hopefully he can turn it around next year but I'm far from impressed at the moment. Lamp never got a chance to show what he can do but he should be a start next year assuming he comes back healthy. Feeney has been pretty good for a rookie and should get better with some NFL strength training over the offseason. 


I think Rivers plays out his contract even with the commute, I can't see him stepping away like that. It is time to get a good backup/future QB going though. 

It just sucks that once again they have done enough to move themselves out of good draft position, but not make the playoffs. So to get one of the top QBs we'd have to sell the farm so to speak. I also think we need to get a solid MLB and DT in the offseason, Pullard is terrible and Mebane is getting old.


Dollars to donuts Telesco drafts a QB in the first 2 rounds this next draft.  The worry would be, I suppose, that he mortgages the future after falling in love with one of the SoCal QB - or Dean pushes that agenda to try and "drum up more fan support."  I was talking with Garrett from the Lightning Round podcast the other day and we discussed how Baker Mayfield would be a phenomenal fit for the team given what Lynn wants to do on offense, the fact that Lynn is a no-nonsense HC, and that there's still a year left on Rivers' contract till there's an easy-out which does allow Rivers - who unlike Favre does seem the sort - to mentor someone who isn't terribly different in terms of competitiveness and feisty-ness.

Baker's going to go in the 1st though.  So honestly what may be the best case scenario is landing a DT ("fixing the run defense" is likely the mantra of the 1st round in 2018) in Rd 1 and (if certain dependable sources are to be believed that he's not as highly thought of in actual scouting communities as on Twitter) circling back around for Lamar Jackson in the 2nd.  Unfortunately, my gut tells me Telesco finds a way to miss out on all those guys and ends up "Te'o-ing" a pick on someone like Mason Rudolph (I've soured on his so much now...) or Luke Falk.

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