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What are you looking for Thursday night?

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The preseason is about to kick into high gear as the Saints visit the Cleveland Browns for their first matchup of the offseason. Below is a quick list of some of the things I'll be paying close attention too...



1. Alvin Kamara Live

The praise this kid has been getting has been pretty lofty lately so I'm interested in seeing him live under a coach like Sean Payton that will utilize his skill set to its maximum potential. With the Saints sacrificing a 2018 2nd round pick for his services, I'm intrigued to see if that looks like a smart decision on Thursday night.

2. Ryan Ramczyk vs Myles Garrett
The top pick in the draft battles the last pick of the first round as Ramczyk goes head to head with the supremely gifted Garrett. While rookie vs rookie isn't he measuring stick that will legitimize either player in the eyes of the NFL and the fans, it's sure to be a very intriguing matchup and one I'll be paying close attention to.
3. Can Brandon Coleman carry his practice play over into game day?
By all accounts Coleman has been the most surprising story in Saints camp thus far as he's consistently displayed burst, strong hands and toughness as well as playmaking ability. It appears that the light has finally gone on for the 3rd year receiver as he looks to establish himself as a player in this league this season. 
4. Which Saints linebacker is gonna step up to the plate and separate himself from the pack?
Many eyes will be on the Saints revamped secondary but I don't feel the Cleveland offense is the measuring stick to judge them yet. However, the Browns want to be a physical running team so this group of young linebackers the Saints have will get their opportunity to showcase their skills. I'm very interested to see which one of them steps up with a solid performance as I believe it will go a long way in helping that player become one of the players that will be on the field when the games really matter. 
5. Sean Payton vs Greg Williams
Come on... you knew this was gonna be on here! There is still a lot of bad blood between these two and the last time Payton faced his former defensive coordinator he stuffed the ball down his throats and rubbed it in his face so preseason or not I can gaurentee you that Williams will want to send a message early to Payton and company. 
So what are you looking forward to seeing Thursday night?

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Kamara and Lasco should get a ton of time. As well as Anzalone and Anthony. 

Interested to see if our secondary comes out flat, which it usually does.

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I'm still debating if I want to try to go to this game or not.  Apparently I can find some tickets cheaper than I thought.

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