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4 minutes ago, chrishill1122 said:

What if he is a FA and he says the Jags are strongly considered then don't that make us a front runner.. Sign him to a 1 year prove it deal.. 

There are a handful of teams talking to the Browns about trading for him...I don't think he's hitting the market.

There's also plenty of reason to believe SF and NE are in on him. Shanahan even talked about Gordon in his presser...talking about a guy that isn't on your team in a presser is pretty telling that there is a lot of interest. Nothing has come out from our side regarding our interest, just Gordon saying we're on his list.

Hope it happens but no reason to think we're likely to get him to this point I'd say.

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I don’t know how I feel about Gordon.

The guy clearly has a problem and it looks like the Browns believe he’s not worthy of their trust. I almost feel like letting him play football is doing a disservice to the man’s health. 

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