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2 hours ago, Speedyg said:

Who's a good follow now that Mike Kaye went to Philly?

As far as I see, FCN hasn’t brought in another person to take over Mike’s spot yet, so that’s still going to get you almost everything that comes out. 

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1 hour ago, .Buzz said:

Also, sure looks to be like Blake saw that LB over the OL and put it in the perfect spot, unlike what @Speedygsaid. But to each their own.

If he saw that LB and still threw it...sorry...that's a bad decision. He threw the ball RIGHT at the defender's direction. Freeze-frame that clip at 5s right as Blake was about to throw it and take a look at that line between Blake and where ASJ was going. 

Van Noy was directly between Blake and where ASJ  was going to catch the ball.

That's either a pick or a tipped ball 9 out of 10 times.

Blake had a great game, and he did a good job evading that rush.  But he wasn't perfect, and this was either a terrible decision (if he saw him) or a bad read (if he didn't see him). You can choose to put on your teal-colored glasses and pretend everything was perfect about this game, but I'll choose to evaluate this realistically.

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