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RamPackFan 2019 Mock Draft 1.0


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Key Re-signings (Starters): Dante Fowler Jr, Corey Littleton, CJ Anderson

Key FA signings: Blake Bortles -QB ( I like this idea from previous posts) Bryce Callahan - CB, Bennie Logan - DT





*Trade out of 1st into early 2nd with NYG - Rams get #36 & 109 for #31 & 251


*2/36 - Zach Allen - DL/Boston College  (Very versitile, powerful, smart, instinctive and has a motor to get after it)

3/94 - Darnell Savage - S/Maryland  (heavy hitter with speed who can cover very well)

3/99 - TJ Edwards - LB/Wisconsin   (Very smart and instinctive LB who can stop the run and is known to have good coverage skills/Barron's replacement)

*4/109 - Max Scharpring - OT/N. Illinois  (future replacement for Whitworth)

4/133 - Danny Isabella - WR/UMass   (backup to Kupp - we suffered not having Kupp and Isabella could compliment Kupp along with his return ability - Natson is not the answer)

5/169 - Conner McGovern - OL/Penn State (replacement for Saffold)

6/203 - Ben Burr-Kirvin - LB/Washington  (smaller in size but very instinctive and can flat out ball, probably won't see the 6th round  but could fall due to his size)





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On ‎3‎/‎5‎/‎2019 at 7:06 AM, RamPackFan said:

Who's Unlikely? Yeah....you said Tim Settle wouldn't see past mid 2nd last year :) remember that? You tend to to over rate guys 

I also tend to underrate guys. That's because it's impossible for anybody who doesn't have access to every team's draft board to pin down exactly where guys will go. So, I base my opinions on where players are widely projected (including my own take on the player). Right now, McGovern is widely projected in the 3rd round. Savage just ran a 4.3 40 and was previously projected in the 2nd/3rd round before doing that. Now, he could be there at #94. That's possible. But it's also optimistic. Same with McGovern. Isabella is also a little optimistic, but due to his size, it's very possible he ends up around there.

Basically, we're getting a handful of optimistic picks. Yes, some guys fall. Some guys go higher than expected. So I won't complain if you have one guy falling a bit for a good reason, but when half your draft is falling past their projected range, I think you're being optimistic. That's my take.

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On 3/4/2019 at 6:41 PM, jrry32 said:

Not my cup of tea. Zach Allen didn't do it for me when I watched him. Bryce Callahan is a slot CB, and we already have NRC there. And the picks I like seem unlikely to be available where they are.

Yeah.  I don't see Zach Allen as a 7- or 9-Tech which is what we need our EDGE guys to be.  He's much more an EDGE fit in the mold of how the Pats deployed Trey Flowers and Ninkovich before him.  Allen's a guy who needs to have a hand in the dirt and needs to be able to stunt across the face of IOL to have consistent success as a pass-rusher in the pros.  This is different from some of the guys considered "less bendy" like him in Winovich (I've seen a case for questioning his flexibility, but I've seen reason to believe in it too) or Ferguson who have shown the ability to work an OT out wide then cross their face back to the inside to beat them consistently; that's not a move Allen uses much if at all.

I agree, I just can't see McGovern getting out of Day 2; he's too versatile and his lowe-body technique is too clean.  He does have some hand-placement stuff to clean up, but he was already showing improvement on that at the combine.

CB's wise, if we're bringing in anyone in FA they need to be able to project to play safety because that's the kind of guy I'd be looking at in the draft.  I want a guy (like Bunting, but I don't think he's going to be there on Day 3 anymore) who has the range to project more immediately likely as a safety or a sub-package guy, but has the length and tools (even if he doesn't have the long-speed) to have starter's-ceiling.  Let that guy put in the work with the vets in practice and let Pleasant (along with Talib and NRC) be the mentors.  There's potential in guys like Isaiah Johnson, Derrick Baity Jr, Corey Ballentine (he's not quite as long, but his instincts and short-area quickness are immense; he'd thrive in the off-ball/zone stuff we've utilized of late), Derrek Thomas (needs more work than others, but he'll be available later than others), Jimmy Moreland (he lacks the length and size, but he's got some Jackrabbit Jenkins in him, I swear, and a more reasonable projection is that he's Tavon Young). Deion Harris, Jordan Brown too as a more early Day 3 guy if the team feels they can coach him up (he has a lot of the same traits as a prospect that Trumaine had when Tru was at Montana).

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