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Jim Harbaugh


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3 minutes ago, Boltstrikes said:

Yes, but why would Harbaugh want to work for a team with no fans, no home and constantly have to ask the boss’ kids for permission to do anything. 

He has history with Chargers and is tough minded coach like Marty this team could use.

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37 minutes ago, Boltstrikes said:

No doubt I’d want him here. I just don’t see what we have to offer someone with his stature. 

Yes and no. Its a team that will need a QB soon so he could draft who he wants plus there are a lot of good young talent on the D to build on. I get the lack of true fans and being held down by crappy owners but I still think people would want the job. 


The biggest thing is I don't see them getting rid of Lynn so soon, they always hold on to coaches too long. 

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Lynn’s not the problem, we were all ready to give him coach of the year before the Patriots game last season.  Flat out, the injuries have been brutal this year, there’s other teams with expectations dealing with the same - the Eagles, Steelers, Falcons all come to mind.  Look at the 49ers, drafted 2 overall this year, now they’re healthy and undefeated- same coach.  Don’t get me wrong, Lynn’s not perfect but we were winning games last year with him and our team at full strength.  

Our problem is, and has been that we can’t run the ball.  We are constantly in 2nd and 9 situations, our o line is abysmal and the two guys who were respectable (Okung and Pouncey) are out which is catastrophic for us.  I don’t think things will change for us until we fix the line.  I would add D line but I actually think that is on the right track now.  

Everybody jumping ship after this rough start, I’m disappointed too, but I think we can turn it around.  Maybe not this year, but this is still a valuable year for guys like Tillery, Broughton, White, Tranquill, Adderley etc.  

Oh, and you guys clamoring for Harbaugh lmao, have you watched any Michigan football?  The offense they run is from 1982, it’s pitiful but as an OSU fan I think it’s glorious. 

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