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Sooo when’s he gone ?

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10 hours ago, mistakey said:

hey turns out i came back to this page randomly

You're the worst.

What @NudeTayne said ... all of that wrongly assumed Dorsey would be back ...

For me, the idea that Dorsey would be fired an unforeseeable consequence of a trash season

Still a shocker.

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9 hours ago, ditchdigger said:

You can tell someone is going to be big wrong when they say "book it", except when Tayne says it.


9 hours ago, NudeTayne said:

In before, "Well, that was assuming Dorsey was still GM. I thought that was pretty clear in, hold on...*rummages up ambiguous post from 1991 about coaches and GMs to back this up*."

Book it.


4 minutes ago, Mind Character said:

What @NudeTayne said


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