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Jaguars sign DT Al Woods to 1 year, $2.75M deal ($1M gtd)


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I mean, he's old and stuff.  But that's pretty cheap for some space eating DLine depth.

Have to think this probably means it's basically just going to be Woods and Abry.  Not really the type of bodies that are going to do much else, so not really the type you're gonna stock up on a bunch of on the depth chart.

Don't think it really means anything for the potential of a guy like Derrick Brown in the draft though.  He'd be in a different role than Woods anyway.

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11 hours ago, LinderFournette said:

Im still not sure if the jags don't view brown as strictly a nt.  I mean we seemed to use dareus strictly at nt and dareus had a batter 3 cone time

If that's the case, you don't draft the guy in the first round, much less at 9.  NTs aren't worth top picks, period.  They don't thrive early in that role, and so many of the good ones just emerge later out of later picks depending on who manages to adjust to the difference in strength and power that is pretty universal to NFL OLines, compared to college.

Brown to me, looks like a guy who would plug in at 3T here.  It'd play to what he does well when he wins, and it'd give you a guy who has some flexibility to keep a little bit of beef on the field in those all important sub packages.


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