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Frank Clark Trade Revisited


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Now it’s been a year later, traded a First, Second and gave him a big contract.

Played through injury and then was a big part of the Postseason, repeatedly ending the other teams seasons with sacks.

Not a big fan of the team Being branded a certain way, with players like Hill and Clark’s pasts. But it seems like finally going against the grain won us a championship.

A dynamic that works because of Coach Reid. So I’d say it was worth it, but the future ramifications of this contract is something Veach will have to deal with.

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His post-season play absolutely makes him worth it. I don't know if it was recovering from injury, if it's an extra gear, higher endurance than the guy across from him, or what, but it's insane the number of clutch plays he had down the stretch. He had the final sack/tackle on two fourth quarter drives against the Chargers, he sacked Brady when they were driving in the first half against the Pats, had a third down sack with 2 minutes left in the 4th against the Titans the first time that SHOULD have let the O close the game out, and then had late game closing sacks in all three playoff games. Absolutely absurd, how clutch he was. Might also highlight how disappointing he was at times outside those situations, but I'll take that trade over a guy like Ford who was apparently the opposite.

From a personality perspective, I absolutely agree, I'm not really a fan. And I say this as someone who is a fan of Hill. But, I'm able to compartmentalize that. Root for what he does on the field, disagree with what he did off, and hope that he is reformed (many miss the point that reformation is the goal, not punishment, but that's a discussion for a different forum.)

I really can't say enough about how Veach has handled these recent offseasons, though. He seems to have a very solid grasp on just how all-in he can go and what is the time to do it. I imagine that the plan was to eat the dead money and play things safe in 2019, and then Mahomes blew up in 2018 and a switch flipped and we aggressively attacked positions that failed us in the postseason run the prior year. Honestly takes balls to have done that. And he identified not only personnel needs, but attitude ones. Genuinely impressed as hell with what Veach has done. And keeping the team together this year is a fantastic continuation of that.

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I’m still torn on the full trade.    I will say if Dee Ford is worth what we got for him, Frank is definitely worth the draft compensation we gave up.    By far the better player. 

My beef was the draft compensation we gave up,  plus the contract size,  plus the talent level of guys needing paid after this trade.   I’m probably about the only one, but I’m taking Frank over Chris Jones.. but we likely loss Jones because of this,  and if not Jones who?  

All in all though,  Frank brought a level of intensity we severely lacked and we got a championship so I can’t say this wasn’t a plus trade at this time

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