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6-10. The offense will be a disaster  and the defense takes a huge step back from last year with a tougher schedule and losses in the front 7

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On 5/7/2020 at 10:35 AM, DoleINGout said:

I mean could it be worse? The NFC West is the complete opposite end of the country and that division is one of the strongest, if not the strongest.

Yes. The divisions we played were locked in place for years. The fact they we got LA away in back to back games and over the Thursday night short rest is a massive break. 

We wish don’t have to travel before she after our bye week and the 3 games after that are either in NY or at home. 

The last 11 games minimized travel and only @Miami after LA hurts us but we have the long break after Thursday night. They also gave us Arizona, our easiest out of conference game, between travailing yo Houston and LA

It easily could have gone 

Week 1. Miami 

Week 2. @KC

Week 3 Vegas 

Week 4 @Seattle 

Week 5 @Miami

Week 6 Bye

Week 7 Baltimore

Week 8 @ LA Chargers 

Week 9@ Buffalo 

Week 10 @ Houston 

Week 11 Jets 

Week 12 Thursday @ LA Rams

Week 14 San Fran

Week 15 Arizona 

Week 16 @Jets 

Week 17 Buffalo 


Believe it or not. The schedule actually does us a solid 

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Posted (edited)

@lancerman out of context from the original post about the NFC West first four weeks

Edited by DoleINGout

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