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Texans trade LB McKinney to Dolphins for LB Lawson


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We all knew McKinney was gone so it's good to see we got something for him. With Lawson, I'm not expecting much, although if he doesn't do much, we can cut him next year with ease as he has $0 guaranteed money on his contract next season. He opted out last season and usually misses a few games per year, but when healthy, he's a good starter. 

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4 minutes ago, Pastor Dillon said:

We basically got him for the same price we were paying McKinney, who sucked so it’s a great trade for us. 

McKinney didn't suck, the dude was a pro bowler. The problem is that him and Cunningham played the same style of football (tough against the run, weak against the pass). There's no purpose to paying two players who pay the same way top dollar. 

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44 minutes ago, LORK88 said:

Engram when healthy is a pro bowl talent. The problem is he's rarely healthy. 

edit: heres the vid i was actually looking for bc it includes more than just drops lol 



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