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Saw on ESPN that we only have 2 games left against teams with a winning record. Obviously it's still really early in the season for that, but thought it might be fun to do a prediction for the rest of the season. 

W7: @ Cleveland 0-6
W8: vs Get Healthy 0-Hamstring
W9: vs Ravens 3-3
W10: vs Bengals 2-3
W11: @ Steelers 4-2
W12: @ Colts 2-4
W13: vs Texans 3-3
W14: @ Cardinals 3-3
W15: @ 49ers 0-6
W16: vs Rams 4-2
W17: vs Jaguars 3-3

I'll say, assuming we can get/stay healthy the rest of the way, that we end up with 7 wins out of our remaining ten to finish at 10-6. Losses against Colts, Texans, Rams.

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The Steelers are the only game I don’t see us winning for sure. I hate being the road team on a Thur but the only glimmer of hope is the road teams are like 5-1 this year on TNF.

We probably lose to Houston but that needs to be a game we win to have a legit chance of winning the division 

Cards and Rams will be tough games but starting to feel better about playing Ari more than LAR 

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It's a ton of average football teams remaining. Which, I suppose, is what the other team's on our schedule say when they notice they're going to play us.

The league is such a mess this year and there are so few truly good teams that I just assume it's going to be a rollercoaster even if the schedule looks encouraging.

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