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UPDATE: Morgan Moses Released! Geron Christian too!


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On 5/23/2021 at 11:25 PM, Thaiphoon said:

Yes. Because the timing sucks for both the team and the player. You're stating something I haven't disputed. And again, it is a result of the mismanagement I've talked about. Again, $8m for a starting RT is not too much $$. We could've traded him to a team that was desperate for one (or at least had a hole there and needed to be able to shore it up so they could address other positions.

But we did it completely "bass-ackwards" and tanked his trade value while virtually ensuring that no team will open up the checkbook to sign him.

The time to sell air conditioners is when you're in the desert, not when you're on Mt. Everest. 

Here’s where we disagree, teams generally aren’t “desperate” to trade for a RT. If Moses had been starting at LT the last two years since Trent quit on the team then, he’d be more valuable in fact he’d be a steal at LT for $8 million. I know why Gruden & Callahan didn’t make the switch and then Rivera Matsko only switched Moses to LT out of necessity this year, but teams just aren’t going to trade draft capital for an inconsistent but mostly just above average to good RT. 

It would’ve been conducive to hold onto Moses to see if/when a team had an injury during training camp/the preseason we could’ve trade him at that time but we didn’t. I’m not happy about that.

That last part I’m not disputing but, at the same time I understand why they moved on from Moses. They replaced him w/ veterans who are cheaper and they drafted an OT prospect in round 2 they hope can be a starter this year or next, they have a back up OT in Sharpe that they like too and lastly they have Charles and it’s TBD if he’s going to be playing OG or OT for us. It seems most likely he’ll be a OG, but it’s still tbd bc he was a good LT at LSU.

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