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Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy out 6-8 weeks with high ankle sprain


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On 9/13/2021 at 9:14 AM, BroncosFan2010 said:

This is on Hamler, he should be sending Jerry a Edible Arraignment ASAP. 

That being said, while Jeudy is more talented and explosive, we have one of the best plug in backups in the league in Tim Patrick so I honestly dont think we miss much of a beat. Might even be arguably better in the RZ w/ Pat and Sutton on the wings. But Jerry is a gamebreaking loss, and if Hamler cant improve his hands our big play abilities take a hit here (Albeit we have a absolutely unique duo of big play capable TE's to help there). 

What I am saying is it sucks, thats not debatable. But it also shows just how deep this team is w/ offensive weapons. Its fun to watch offense for the first time in 5 years and losing Jerry isnt going to stop that due to our plethora of talent. 

The only problem with what you say is that Jeudy is a unique talent who can play across the formation in virtually any role. Hamler is a niche player as a deep threat with bad hands and Patrick is a Sutton clone who can post up and win 50/50 passes. In the red zone, we have Albert O. for that role as well. 

Jeudy’s loss will hurt, and I doubt even when he returns late in the season (when we will be playing meaningful football games), he will be 100%.

This injury hurts big time with a precise QB and in an offense that often deploys based on matchups. Jeudy’s ability to fill multiple roles, get RAC yards and work the middle and the seam is going to hurt. Taking Jeudy out of the Z role is a blow as we don’t have another receiver is that skill set. Hopefully Shurmur can figure it out. 

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