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Week 4 GDT: Houston at Buffalo Bills


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what i think i'm learning about the team is that we're like a house of cards, and that the whole thing collapses if you remove a few key pieces


the only part of the game i saw was stuff on the redzone, defense kept us in there longer than we had any right to be. this run game is a hot steaming pile of garbage

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There's a Davis Mills thread in Gen. I summed up some thoughts on him and the Texans last week:

19 hours ago, ET80 said:

A few things:

- I've never seen an entire TEAM that unprepared. Mills did his thing, sure; But *everyone* flat out didn't bother waking up to play.

- Mills is a guy who needs his first read spoonfed to him; If he doesn't know where to go with the ball at the start of the call, he's done. That's a surprise as well, because he's a Stanford guy (David Shaw is praised for running a Pro Style offense, with pre snap reads and checks into 2/3/4 options).

- More on reads: Mills didn't even try to find his hot read or his 2nd read; He'd panic in the pocket and throw the ball into coverage. Didn't look to other options, didn't try to find someone who wasn't the primary read (as evidence by Brandin Cooks' unbelievable 31 targets in three games - next best target in the Texans O is Pharoah Brown, who racked up 9 targets in the 6 quarters that Tyrod Taylor played, and zero targets with Mills in the lineup).

- For as bad as Mills was, it isn't like any other QB would have thrived behind this Texans O, with this run game and WR/TE unit. Pat Mahomes would probably throw four INTs with this disaster of an offense.

- That being said, Mills is a disaster. He shouldn't be on an NFL field as a starting QB.


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