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Panthers BOLD Predictions for next 9 months

Mr. bDoDDleS

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So the last week has been shocking, but what other predictions do you have for the Panthers throughout the 2017 season and through the 2018 FA and Draft?

I know if I said a month ago that Marty Hurney would be our GM going into camp, I would probably have been banned for trolling. xD

Also, this thread will be slow until the flood gates are opened on the new forum, but should be interesting to look back in May 2018. 

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Not sure how bold any of this will be, but I'll give it a go:

  • Charles Johnson and Julius Peppers are both revitalized due to the massive talent around them. The sack numbers might not be insane, but they'll both be back at a level of play that makes DE not look like too much of a need. Having Addison/Hall/other pass rushers to give them a breather will make their age a non-issue
  • The new balance on the offense will be the tide that raises all ships (or however that saying goes). Curtis Samuel's speed open things up for the run game and for possession receivers. McCaffrey's versatility also open things up for everyone, and so on and so on
  • Corn Elder will take over at CB, make the pro bowl, and be the new spokesperson for some type of canned corn. Marketing synergy like you've never seen before 
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McCaffrey will be rookie of the year. Not sure what the team's all-purpose yardage record is, but he'll break it.

Carolina's defense leads the league in sacks.

Carolina's defense scores 5+ TDs.

Newton completes >65% of his passes (Hey, you said bold!).

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Panthers defense gets 55 sacks this season.

Christian McCaffrey wins Offensive Rookie of the Year.

We manage to miss the playoffs (maybe not that bold).

Marty Hurney will be named GM and proceeds to have a terrible draft next season outside of whoever we pick in the first round.

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