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Week 18 2021 - GDT - Saints (8-8) @ Falcons (7-9)

Mid Iowa

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Well Gang, here it is, the first ever WEEK 18. And it's ever so important!

The entire season comes down to two games being held simultaneously. 

I personally applauded the NFL a few years ago when they moved conference around and placed "meaningful" games at the beginning, and then at the end of the season, then loaded the middle with the fill-in games. This alone has created excitement, but now, a week 18. There will not be another .500 team (in the foreseeable future), and this season .500 doesn't cut it.  Nope, this season it's going to take .529 (9-8) or maybe even .588 (10-7). What is this, baseball?

Anyway, when was the last time a team was flexed in the last week of the season so that 2 teams could play at the same time, both teams knowing they are truly in a "must win" game? We truly are in a "must win" game today, and we need a little help. We also need the 49ers to lose their "must win" game, which is a "they must lose" game for us. If the 49ers win, they'll have a better record than us, and we're out. If they lose, we'll have the same record but the Saints hold the tie breaker due to their divisional record.

We struggled with the Falcons earlier this season, and that won't fly today. We've got some key players back, and we're down a few as well.

OUT: Terron (Mr. Glass) Armstead - Bradley Roby - PJ Williams
IN: (possibly) Ryan Ramczyk, and then a bunch are back from Covid, namely Demario Davis! Erik McCoy is also back.

Our O-line is a bit more healthy than it's been for some time, our defense has a lot of key guys back, and we're set prime to roll!

If our D holds like they have in this season (for the most part) and IF our offense can find the endzone, at least a few times, we'll win this.

The 49ers, well, they've got their work cut out for them. Let's hope the Rampons come in and play for keeps, at least for this week. If the Rams win, and we win, we'll be in LA next week to play the Rams in round 1.

The Rams have something to play for. If they win, they keep the #2 seed and home field. If they lose and Tampa wins, Tampa would grab the #2 spot. 

Lots of important games in the NFC today.

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1 minute ago, Fray32 said:

Believe that's now 22/27 field goals (I actually thought it was worse than this) and 29/36 extra points.

What are you doing most Sundays? You want a part time job as a kicker or QB?

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How much muscle do you guys suppose Kamara has put on this last year. I remember telling my friends "look at Kamara, he's not a big muscle-bound back" and now the guy looks stacked as can be. He's got the build of a Safety now.

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