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Packerraymond 2022 Mock Offseason V3


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5 minutes ago, Packerraymond said:

Not exactly sure what you're asking, but no rookie is going to step into #1 in Sep/Oct so I'm OK drafting a guy who's going to be rehabbing during that time anyway, so long as the potential is there.

Understood.....and agree that WR1 isnt walking out of college and on to Lambeau Field.

So - you feel Williams talent is such that the longer view should be applied - as opposed to selecting a more "ready to play" WR at 22.

Okay. Time will tell.

Would really like it if we could nab Anderson (or Parker) to supplement the Lazard crew - until Williams is ready to kick our *** with his talent.

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1 hour ago, LuckyIrish23 said:

Don’t really understand some of these moves. Why trade Love for almost peanuts? Robby Anderson hasn’t done anything and not sure he is anything more than a poor man MVS. 

Also, I like Williams but he probably won’t start practicing until late October so unlikely to have any factor this year. Also, Travis Jones has proven to not be a pass-rusher, he can develop that but unlikely that he will show that ability in the next couple of years. 

I really like Josh Paschal!! 

What? Robby Anderson is clearly the more accomplished player. He had 1k yards with Teddy Bridgewater throwing lobs. 

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