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Early talk on the Giants offseason


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1 hour ago, bzane said:

@Madmike90 Well, gosh- Kevin Gilbride jr. is the son of Kevin Gilbride, who was the coordinator of an eccentric and unimpressive offense the Giants ran for years. Gilbride Senior was unflatteringly referred to as "Kill Drive" by disgruntled Giants' fans on this site and in other places; his offense featured a mysterious fondness for the "shotgun draw" which failed to fool opponents and could be counted on to gain anywhere from zero to minus-ten yards per attempt. There of course was some suggestion of nepotism in the son's hire as tight-end coach. Under Gilbride Junior's stewardship the Giants' tight ends were a pedestrian group, most of them unable either to block, get open, or catch many passes- some of them all of the above. Their best-known tight end from the Kevin Junior era was the baffling Larry Donnell, who had a couple of showy games early in his career, but who flattened out to being a disappointment. Occasionally Donnell would catch a pass and fall on his head, making the highlight films. He is remembered for being the World's Only 6'6", 270-lb. Tight End Who Could Not Block. 

Junior worked with the Giants young developmental tight ends, first Adrien Robinson, notoriously labelled "the Jason Pierre-Paul of Tight Ends" by the optimistic Jerry Reese, who had drafted him; and Will Tye, another athletic marvel undrafted out of Stony Brook. The only thing missing in Junior's work with the developmental projects was that they did not develop. They were however both pleasant young men.

Which is to say I would not expect the next Gronkowski to emerge on the Bears in the next few years, but you never know.

Best of luck, have always admired your posts.

Robinson was the highest drafted TE before Engram this past draft. During Gilbride Jr.'s time, the TE's were a bunch of scrubs who he coached up to partially serviceable. Give him someone with Talent and we have a different story. Robinson, Donnell and others showed little willingness to actually mix it up whenever we wanted to run the ball. I wouldn't call Tye an athletic marvel outside of his speed though, even then it's a stretch. All these guys are players that would have likely not have seen the field on other teams. Actually most of them are on practice squads, or on their couch. 

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On 13/01/2018 at 6:06 PM, Shockey1979 said:

To be fair... Gillbride's offensive scheme doesn't seem all that horrible anymore after seeing Macadoo's in action..

Loool this is bull. You were not saying this when McAdoo was the OC. In fact you questioned how Eli would’ve been if he had been in McAdoo’s offense his whole career. 

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