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Steelers moving forward with Pickett as starting QB


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Kenny  might have been decent at times, but not enough to get more points and this league is about the scoreboard. Of course he never got much help from the run game or defence did he? 

Looking at the schedule, it could be a rough several weeks for this team,  but thats the NFL

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Its comical how many people want to **** on Kenny, but defend our laughably overrated WR corps, despite balls bouncing off their hands regularly and not helping the rookie.    Diontae Johnson is the new Brandon Lloyd.   Chase Claypool is an athletic 6'3 receiver who plays like he is 5'8.  George Pickens is the only reliable one, and even he is still learning.

I have no idea how Kenny will ultimately be, but his first two games havent been nearly as bad as his numbers indicate....especially considering the circumstances of both.   Im actually more encouraged about his future with Pickens than I was a few weeks ago.   Its the rest of the team sans Watt that worries me...

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