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Mid-Season Survey


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Another edition.




Best Positional Unit:

Worst Positional Unit:

Biggest Surprise:

Biggest Disappointment: 

Best Game:

Worst Game:

Your Pre-Season Record Prediction:

Record Prediction Now:

4 Divisional Games Left, How Many Do We Win: 

Will We Make Playoffs: 



Predict our Draft Position:

Who You Got Your Eye on in The Draft:

Most Pressing Need in Draft:

A Reason For Optimism:

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MVP: Rhamondre Stevenson

ROTY: Jack Jones

Best Positional Unit: Secondary

Worst Positional Unit: Offensive Line

Biggest Surprise: How good the secondary looks

Biggest Disappointment: The Tight End room. We are getting nothing.

Best Game: vs Cleveland

Worst Game: vs Bears (in the top 5 worst of all time, for me)

Your Pre-Season Record Prediction: 9-8

Record Prediction Now: 9-8

4 Divisional Games Left, How Many Do We Win:  2

Will We Make Playoffs:  No



Predict our Draft Position: 16

Who You Got Your Eye on in The Draft: Michael Mayer or Broderick Jones

Most Pressing Need in Draft: OT

A Reason For Optimism: The defense is great

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MVP:  ------  Judon

ROTY:   -------Jack Jones

Best Positional Unit: ----- CBs  Jones boys only (not secondary)

Worst Positional Unit: -----  Tie OL/LB

Biggest Surprise: -------- Rookies CBs

Biggest Disappointment: ------  Offense

Best Game: ----------------   Browns

Worst Game: --------  1st game Zappy started, added to the offensive nightmare. Fans turning on Mac with this  OC!!!! really!

Your Pre-Season Record Prediction: 4/5 wins

Record Prediction Now: Hard to say Allen out!    6 - 11

4 Divisional Games Left, How Many Do We Win:  1

Will We Make Playoffs:------ No



Predict our Draft Position: -----  11

Who You Got Your Eye on in The Draft:  ----Peter Skoronski from Northwestern OT, Nolan Smith OLB/EDGE Georgia

Most Pressing Need in Draft: ------- Getting BB out of the room!!!  OL.

A Reason For Optimism:  ---- The rookie CBs and the lower half of the 2022 draft. Love, Kevin Harris and Chasen Hines and Andrew Stueber

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MVP: Rhamondre

ROTY: Jack Jones

Best Positional Unit: Front Seven

Worst Positional Unit: Offensive Line

Biggest Surprise: Zappe had ANY success

Biggest Disappointment: Mac regressing this hard

Best Game: Pittsburgh

Worst Game: Chicago

Your Pre-Season Record Prediction: 7-10

Record Prediction Now: 7-10

4 Divisional Games Left, How Many Do We Win: 2

Will We Make Playoffs: no



Predict our Draft Position: 15

Who You Got Your Eye on in The Draft: Jaelyn Duncan, OT, Maryland

Most Pressing Need in Draft: OL

A Reason For Optimism: Defense wins Championships?

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On 11/9/2022 at 4:09 AM, Hunter2_1 said:

Another edition.


MVP: Rhamondre Stevenson

ROTY: Jack Jones was spectacular out of the gate. I was skeptical of his size, but he could end up having a solid career. When you’re “Keeping Up With the Jones’es” there really is no drop off in terms of overall talent, based on what we’ve been able to digest so far, but I have to choose Marcus Jones as of today. Guy is phenomenal on special teams (Shoutout Brendan Schooler for his role with that as well, despite being an UDFA, his impact in special teams has probably had a more profound effect to this point when compared to Jones- despite the punt return TD) and Marcus had not been too shabby on his limited play with defense as well.

Best Positional Unit: Secondary?? Tons of injuries and moving pieces, but the “next man up” moniker has worked very well this season. Jon Jones has been incredible in his role playing mostly the outside as compared to the slot. Wow. Hats off to him. McCourty has done much more in terms of “action plays” this season than the recent  years past (solid play his whole career, just talking those ‘exciting plays’, D-Mac has turned back the clock! Maybe he gets another chance for a kick-return TD at this point 😂 Dugger was great to start off. Since his injury, it has not been as swell. But I love me some Dugger and really hope we can extend him before the rest of the league takes notice on his abilities. This guy from Lenoir-Rhyne is undoubtedly gonna be our best player in the secondary next year IMO. The defensive line could also get a bit amount of consideration. Godchaux and Wise have been excellent this season

Worst Positional Unit: Offensive line, hands down. This is a unanimous agreement, right? Lol

Biggest Surprise: Not including rookies on this, Rhamondre probably. We all knew what he was capable of to an extent, but with Damien Harris out…. Wow. 38 is a guy I hope we extend sooner rather than later because his price tag is only gonna go up, as the football community will notice ‘Mondre is capable of carrying an offense damn near every night…

Biggest Disappointment: Would selecting Cole Strange be a shock? Sure, he’s had his moments where he doesn’t get mentioned during the game (the BEST thing for an offensive line to happen, maybe?🤣) but we have all noticed the snaps where he just is completely lost/not in control. Can he hangout with Dante Scarnecchia next spring? I’ve got faith in him, and we all hated drafting a guard round one… but wow. He’s putting himself in the current day Isaiah Wynn category in his first pro season almost… The inconsistency among who is actually lining up for the snap could be a factor, obviously. Let’s hope next season is an improvement for Strange.

Best Game: The Minnesota game was really good despite the loss. The Cowboys game was nice. The Lions (bleh) victory was great. Looking back now, it’s really tough to find a favorite game where we executed as well as we SHOULD have.

Worst Game: Choose one

Your Pre-Season Record Prediction: I dunno, at least 10-11 games

Record Prediction Now: 10-11 games is still obtainable, but if Jakobi Meyers is injured long term, that’s not good. The chain mover and the figure of consistency for the modern day Patriots. Realistically, there’s quite a few losses this year that we’re easily winnable. I’m still gonna stick with the 10 game margin for wins. But… that may not mean much this year, given who else is in our division.

4 Divisional Games Left, How Many Do We Win: Posted after the fact, but Jets haven’t beat us in what, 7 years? Lol. Non factor with their revolving door of QB’s/Coaches. Idk the games you’re mentioning off the top of my head, but I’ll just hit this note… We’ll be lucky to get one over Buffalo again. REALLY lucky, despite their mediocre showcases the last few weeks. The Dolphins…. I don’t see a feasible way we can control the game script with Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill on the other side. Crack it up however you want, it’s time to admit to ourselves we’re competing for the 2nd best team in the AFC East, AT BEST right now :(  

Will We Make Playoffs: I think we’re a playoff team, but no, I don’t think we make it even with 10 or so wins. The AFC will get shaken up a lot coming up, but what a dog fight every year it will be to even be a top 7 team.. Hard telling




Predict our Draft Position: 19

Who You Got Your Eye on in The Draft: Henry To’oTo’o, Ronnie Bell, Paris Johnson, Jacoby Windmon

Most Pressing Need in Draft: Toss up, every week… Defense. Defense. Defense. Offensive tackle is also riiiiight up their near the top.

A Reason For Optimism: Bill freakin’ Belichick


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