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Week 11 GDT Lions vs. GMEN @ 1:00pm est


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Thoughts on yesterdays game. Not a good game at all. We got beat plain and simple. Too many mistakes. Across the board. DJ with 2 bad picks, Hodgins with a critical turnover as well. The turnovers we had netted Detroit 17 pts. That's game right there. I think we just have to chalk this up to just one of those awful days. Graham Gano with 2 missed extra points????... really???!!... it was one of THOSE kinds of days. 

 I just am feeling horrible for Adoree and Wan'dale. The biggest loss in this game was those 2 guys. And a slew of others with bad injuries. This is just not good at all. Robinson has the game of his rookie season and now a possible torn ACL. Just awful. There just wasnt much going right for us at all yesterday. 


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On 11/17/2022 at 12:36 PM, GMENNATION said:

I'm a bit nervous about this one. I think the Lions will put up points. Daniel Jones has been playing very well, doing everything the coaches have asked him to do. He may have to do more than he's been asked all season though, so it'll be an interesting game. Can Wan'Dale and co. at WR help Jones and Saquon out enough? If we fall behind early, I will be very nervous. 

Well, the reality was way, way worse than my fears. I hate to be hysteric but our season ended against the Detroit Lions on a windy November Sunday. Sorry, but if you look objectively, we haven't played well in a calendar month and just lost massively important pieces going into our toughest stretch. We may only have one win left. It doesn't change my feelings on what this team has done but the team is starting to look like the late-season Joe Judge quality of roster. This is Daboll first big test as far as adversity goes. Additional thoughts:

1. The Giants lost this game more than the Lions won it. Maybe that's obvious, I don't know. Credit to the Lions for shutting down Saquon, they absolutely executed in that respect but this was a situation of us spotting them points and then not being able to overcome it. 

2. Assessing Daniel Jones, I'm not going to crush him for this game. INTs like Hutchinson's happen to all QBs. It was a nice play, a mistake by Jones no doubt, but those happen. The second one was worse. I know conditions are bad, I know he's trying to play hero ball with the game slipping away, but that was very un-Jones like. But other than that, he again showed he has a good handle on the offense. He just has. no. weapons.

3. Really disappointed in the defensive front 7. I know the Lions have a really good OL but we invested into the front 7 to be able to overcome that. They were invisible. The coaches spoke highly of Thibs this week suggesting he's doing more for this defense than he should have to, especially in his rookie season. Maybe they should stop asking him to do that much and let him focus on rushing the passer...

4. Lemieux.. woof. It's a lot to ask to come right back in and start but he did not inspire confidence. They probably need to see what they have in him but I think it's time to take the training wheels off Ezudu and just let him play his future position. If Lemieux needs to get reps, let it be at RG.

5. I wonder if Julian Love would be playing more CB with all the injuries, if it weren't for McKinney going down. They can't have planned for Rodarius to get that many snaps in his first action in over a year. I guess we'll never know.

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I am not sure if the season has ended, but our playoffs chances took a real hard hit. Outside of us being just plain sloppy the lost does not bother me much, it is the injuries. Love is the only starting player we have in our secondary. Who is going to cover Cee Cee Lamb, who is going to cover  Terry Mclaurin and Curtis Samuel, who is going to cover AJ Brown and Devonta Smith? I love Daboll but putting Adoree out there to cover punts was a huge mistake we all saw coming.  Hopefully we can get Xavier and Adoree back for the 2nd commanders game to win a couple of games to save our season. I don't see how we are not going to go on a 3 game losing streak.

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