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Bucs VS 9ners


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12 hours ago, indifference said:

2019 Brady on display

Guy can make all the throws but he is

forcing balls, throwing with bad mechanics, and feeling ghost pressure.

Brady needs elite OL play or he is going to suck. Dont care who the WRs are, if he cant feel comfortable he will play erratic. like most qbs but the thing is modern day have the wheels 

Yes, OL play is important, but Brady has other issues outside the OL. When he has time he's still underthrowing open guys deep or in the deeper intermediate routes. He's also forcing balls to guys not open. That 3rd down where the said Godwin dropped the ball - he wasn't even close to open. 

I also don't think Brady is doing his OL any favors missing open receivers by not seeing them. 

This sucks to criticize the greatest QB to ever play the game bc he stayed in it too long. I saw it in the last few games last year where he was struggling. I thought it was the volume of throws he had to make, but thought him retiring was the right move back in february. However - the moment he came back and started whining about a "work life balance" after basically taking the entire spring off before TC (while taking TC practices off) - you can tell he wasn't in it mentally. 

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I love Brady and thank him for everything he did/brought this organization over the (3) years, but the decline has clearly begun. We all knew it was coming at some point, but it's really come on quick this season.

We have to get some mobility in the next QB. You just have to have it in today's age, given the turnover OL units see and injuries. Brady is an absolute statue; he can't even get threw his step-up fast enough when the OT's push their guys to outside angle.  

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Interesting piece on Brady and his gameplan 

This makes me wonder now though what part is Brady and what is Leftwich? Also does this speak to the lack of faith that Brady has in the current coaching staff or was this going on when Arians was the coach?  The moment we attempted to kick that 55 yard field goal I knew we were doomed.  We needed to make a statement and go for it, especially after Smith screwed us on that TD to Evans.  Instead we kick an impossible field goal for Succop, I would've been fine going four and out and be aggressive than this passive style which does work in today's NFL. 

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