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Official Dallas Mavericks Thread: Welcome Bullock, SB, & MB! THJ & Bobi Return!

the lone star

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26 minutes ago, the lone star said:

Capela would be dope though. But I would just swing for the fences and try to get Boogie.

I think the best fit here is a guy that can rebound, defend, and be a huge threat diving to the rim. Which is why I don't see Boogie as a great fit anymore. Capela or DeAndre make much more sense IMO

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46 minutes ago, Texasmade said:

KOC from the ringer has been steadily hinting/predicting Boogie to the Mavs for a while now. 

To what extent?  If you're Boogie, it's going to take a FULL max to get me to leave New Orleans for Dallas.

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On ‎6‎/‎25‎/‎2018 at 4:56 PM, the lone star said:

Well, once Dirk retires, things will change. So Boogie would be a good fit after that.

I really don't think he would though. With Dennis and Doncic, you're going to want to run pick and roll all day long. Demarcus is best utilized posting up or isolating. You have to take the ball out of your playmakers' hands to use him. Whereas a guy like Capela or Jordan would open up the whole offense because they're ridiculous lob threats. If the weakside defender helps down, you have McDermott, Curry, or whoever spotting up for three. Demarcus doesn't offer that kind of vertical threat, especially off the achilles injury.

By the way, I didn't realize DeAndre's block numbers dropped so drastically. He was allowing a shooting percentage of well over 60% against him as well. He's about to turn 30. Is he losing explosiveness? Or did he just not care anymore once the Clippers started tearing it down?

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