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Brian Daboll: Coach of the Year?


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First and foremost: I don't expect him to actually win the award. The Giants are being doubted or simply ignored by most of the experts out there. But I do believe he deserves it, and this article lays out the reasons why better than I ever could.

Sharp: Why Giants' Brian Daboll deserves to win Coach of the Year award | FOX Sports

NFL Coach of the Year isn't an award for the most successful coach or the best coach. It recognizes the coach who got the most out of the hand he was dealt this year and exceeded all expectations in doing so. 

In the last five years, the Giants had the worst record in the NFL (22-59). No team was worse. The Giants were also the only team in the NFL to never win over six games in a season for the last five years.

Not at any point, not in any season, for the last FIVE YEARS, did the Giants have a winning record.

In Year 1 on the job, Daboll did what none of the other coaches (and many were hired and fired trying) did with this roster: Win. And make the playoffs. 

This is a classic example of a coach getting things right when other coaches repeatedly tried and failed. That's clear Coach of the Year material.

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29 minutes ago, Go_Giants said:

It should be Brain Daboll but I think Kyle Shanahan is going to win it.

It's one of those cases where multiple candidates are all deserving. I personally would go with Daboll. But Shanny certainly has a great case. 

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