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2017 Eagles vs 2022 Eagles


2017 Eagles vs 2022 Eagles  

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  1. 1. 2017 Eagles vs 2022 Eagles

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22 hours ago, Nightime said:

If the Eagles win this year, would you see them as a type of dynasty? Or are there too many differences between 2017 and 2022 for them to feel like the same regime/dynasty?

Absolutely not. Because only a couple of players would be serious contributors on both teams, the only ones I think would be Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce. Basically two entirely different teams with different coaching staffs. The biggest consistency between the two teams is Howie Roseman.

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44 minutes ago, biggie. said:

Controversial opinion: 2017

They have the edge at RB, TE, and coaching. 2022 has the edge at QB and WR. Everything else is push.

RB... maybe. TE, Personally I don't think so. 

Coaching? No way in hell. Don't get me wrong, things worked out, but honestly. The planets aligned for Doug Pederson that year. The team gradually fell off because Doug never changed anything after teams adapted, and didn't develop any young players at the time so the talent started drying up as well.

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