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The STL Cardinals Thread - Wellcome Willson


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18 hours ago, StLunatic88 said:

Its always A & B, and thats it. Doesnt matter who it is or where in their career. Anyone who can have control of where they go, is going to maximize Money & Winning every single time. Anything else is just filler to make themselves look better. Dont be naive 

Couldn't disagree more. That's a pretty narrow-sighted view on things IMO. 

You can't pigeonhole everyone into one category. Family/Comfortability can definitely be as important to money for those who have already made enough money to be set for life. 

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1 hour ago, kgarrett12486 said:

We're never going to see another MV3 trio like he had here (because you're probably never going to see another hitter like Albert in his prime), but man Goldy, Arenado and O'Neill is about as close as we've had since then. 

Fun to see them all hitting at the same time. 

Possibly 3 30+ homer guys and TON has missed time? 👀👀👀

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