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Seattle Mariners Thread


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1 hour ago, Mesa_Titan said:

Everywhere I see has us going Hjerpe. Wouldn't hate it, but kind of a snoozer pick.

Seems like the most mocked guy, but there's a pretty big range of possibilities. 

Jung falling seems like the best case scenario. Prielipp or Horton would be interesting too. 

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2 hours ago, Eagles27 said:

Young was one of the guys I didn't want. 

Not going to pretend I've researched the guy a ton, but seems like a low ceiling prospect. 

Kind of a snooze pick as well, but I don't mind it. His swing is pretty beautiful lol. Arm is really good. Maybe he can develop some pop and turn into something. 

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49 minutes ago, Eagles27 said:


I don't think there's much of a chance he lands in Seattle, but hypothetically...

Would you do Kirby, Marte, Ford, Brash, & Gonzalez?

God that would be so rough. If we could switch Kirby to Hancock I think I’d do it. I’d probably be ok with it like that though. 

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35 minutes ago, Mesa_Titan said:

Where did this backdoor run come from on Kirby's fastball? Wonder if he's been working on that. He's had some insane movement tonight.

Improvement overall since he was drafted is insane.

Scouting reports from his draft year are nothing like what he is now. 

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