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Grade Bucs 2023 Draft Class


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Pretty simple. Gove your thoughts and grade of each pick and class as a whole.

Here's mine:

1. 3-4 DE Cajijah Kancey - B+

Like the player, just wasn't sure where he fit in a 3-4 defense. He's a disruptive force and that rare interior guy that can beat anyone OL off the ball. I just question if he will be able to hold up against the run and not completely get washed out if the OL is able to get his hands on him and engage. 

2. OT/OG Cody Mauch - A

Love this pick. I thought he could go in late 1st round. Dude is just nasty in the run game. He's very athletic and this gives him position flexibility. He could develop into a LT, but if not your getting a potential all pro OG.

3. EDGE YaYa Diaby - B

We desperately need some pressure off the edge. Diaby brings that. He really showed immense athleticism with his combine testing, although I dont think he shows that same level on tape. He already understands how to track the QB. An important step even elite pressure guys can lack.

5. ILB SirVocea Dennis - D

Honestly, didn't know too much about him coming in. Seems like just another guy. Gambles too much. Thought there were better options still on the board.

5. TE Payne Durham - A 

Love this pick. In a normal TE class, he was probably a 3rd round pick. Just a good ole fashioned all around TE. Reminds me of Otten ironically.

6. CB Josh Hayes - B-

He's got good size for CB and looks like he can play the nickle as well. He's overly grabby though, but like his physical game.

6. WR Trey Palmer - C

We need some depth and speed at the WR spot. Palmer is a one trick pony (speedy deep threat), but plays that role well. Could develop into a better Scotty Miller.

6. EDGE Jose Ramirez - A

Might be my favorite pick in this draft. I think this kid has potential to be a diamond in the rough. His short are explosiveness and athleticism is off the charts. He's a natural pass rusher. He's not an eveydown guy because he will get picked on in run game, but he can be a weapon as a situational pass rusher.

Overall Class Grade: B+

Love the approach we took in building these trenches. We desperately needed this after neglecting it as a whole last few drafts. Would have been A grade had they took a QB somewhere in this draft.


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I agree with B+

Really was necessary to add some young bodies to the line. Vita Vea and Logan Hall were our only young promising players on the roster. Bowles will allow Kancey to 1 gap and he will be a monster. Just unsure if the free lancing at that spot will mesh with 45 who likes to free lancer as is.

Skeptical on Mauch to be plug n play - they that about Goedeke. Nevertheless, i hope he’s as good as people say for this fall. Got faster at OLB with Yaya .. Nelson is solid but on stunts and games we need a third guy that can speed rush. 

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A for me

Kancey starts right away

Mauch starts right away (RG or even RT depending on where they like Goedeke best)

Diaby rotates at Edge day one 

Durham comes in as TE2 day 1

Palmer is our new deep threat 

Ive read alot of ppl saying Ramirez as a ton of potential

Only picks I didn't love was Dennis and Hayes 

Think Licht stepped up to the plate this year and hit a Homer with this class

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Of this class - I think Kancey is going to be a stud next to Vea. If both stay healthy - and Vea has to face any double teams - the guy is juist too fast and powerful. I think he could start slow. Like Vea - coming from the north - it may take him a few months to adjust to this heat/humidity. 

Lot  of expectations for Mauch. He could be Ali Marpet or he could be Alex cappa. I think the expectations for him should be he won't be a day 1 impact player/starter. It makes me think if thats the case - maybe a vet at RT or G is brought in to ease the transition still. I like the long term solution here as our Guard scenario. I see him panning out - just more of when vs. if. 

Ya Ya Diaby is an interesting pick. More athletic than i thought but took time to get to the production level in his last year at louisville. Never really a top prospect through his playing career - he just shut up, worked hard, and balled. Licht really did a good job here finding the mentality and character of some of these guys. I feel like it's hard to question if this pick will work out. He's got the athleticism, will need some coaching like all edge players coming out of college, but seems to have that character make up to be successful in a few years. 

Dennis - The more I read up and watch on him - the more I feel like he'll be starting in 2024. If he makes any impact this year, White could be a trade Deadline move bc I don't want that prima donna here anymore. He's a former QB who made the move to LB in college - which makes me feel like he has the intangibles to lead a defense. (Devin white never really showed this bc he has too many bonehead mental errors). This might be a huge steal. 

I dont know much about Rameriz and Hayes. I think they make the roster given they add depth at the position. Apparently Hayes was very much well liked as a sleeper. Same with Rameriz. 

Palmer is just a speed demon. Is he Kenny Bell or Darden? We've seen this before where they light up the highlight real with Wheels lol. But are they actually good receivers or kick returners? We nailed it with Scotty Miller I feel in terms of a 4.3 guy who produced as a receiver - meh as a returner. But Kenny Bell, Jalen Darden who folks got super excited about were just massive disappointments. 

On the UDFA side - I think Tucker was a nice pick up. So was Merriweather. Both will be able to carve out roles at RB4 and Safety 3/4. That Murray kid from Oklahoma was also a nice find. I can see him beating out Leverett for the back up center spot. 

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