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Sneed Traded to the Titans

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6 hours ago, onejayhawk said:

We need DE. Danna is unsigned and Omenihu is unavailable even if he extends. Unless FAU makes a huge step forward, we need bodies. 

OT is a thing. We will not bring Smith back and Prince is iffy. Taylor and Niang are in their last year and neither inspires confidence. Wanya Morris will likely start. Where he starts is a question. I think LT but others disagree. My question is whether or not you want Taylor at LT. Either way, unless Niang steps up, it's Taylor and Morris and an empty slot next year. At #32 we could get someone to push Taylor this season.

I am glad for all the 7th-round picks. We have a lot of depth issues that can be addressed late in the draft. If nothing else, ST will like it.

As to where we can spend money, consider the expiring rook contracts. Bolton, Smith, and Humphry could get extensions.

I expect us to draft DB but I do not see it as a focus area. We have Reid for another year and Connor to replace him. Losing Sneed is big but McDuffie is good and Williams and Watson cover the other side. This is more of a depth issue. 

Oh where to start. Taylor is under contract for longer than next year, he could improve and be a decent starter. Again, he’s at least as good as Wanya in a position that’s less important and you have no issue penciling him in to start. There’s certainly tackles that could play at either spot in this draft, and there’s chances they sign a Smith/Becton for competition and to create draft flexibility.

We have Reid, Conner but we also lost Edwards who played a lot.  Cook comes back, but we lost two starters basically in the secondary. Taking a guy early wouldn’t shock me.

I actually agree about the DE, but I think it just gets called DL at this point because players are moving around. Lots of 2/3 round talent here. Same could be said for CB/S, even WR, though by the time you hit end of the second round I think there’s a fairly big difference.

What I hope we avoid is the urge to burn early round draft capital this year, as this draft is so strong in the first 3 rounds.

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20 minutes ago, onejayhawk said:

Has anyone noticed that the team is stockpiling 2025 draft picks? 

I don’t really consider it stockpiling. They legitimately have 1 pick over the norm at this point.  While that can change with comp picks, we’ll have to see.  I’ll be interested if we move around and use or pick up any more picks. With Creed/Trey and Bolton about to be FA.  Wondering if we see one of them get signed with this new money.

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13 minutes ago, Habbsawce said:

As great as Sneed played, 19m is too much and I worry about his knee issues.

The knee is the deciding factor.

Likely, it was why teams balked at giving him multi-years at $20 MM. With his medical history proof that he will stay elite is problematic. 

Sneed remains the best CB of his class, though a couple of 1st-round picks can give him an argument. I understand wanting to give those players the bird, but the NFL is not a charity.

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