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Training camp battles

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Have to think it's Darian Thompson's job to lose. I love what Adams gave us last year but I think that is his ceiling. 

4th CB is probably the second most interesting battle. Backup QB shouldn't matter (fingers crossed). Maybe RG but I don't think it's much of a competition right now. 

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I think you're right, I really think that Thompson is going to do great and believe Adams gives us a solid back up with starter qualities.  

Haven't looked over the cornerback position much but will now that you mentioned it.  I'm also interested to see how the TE depth plays out.  I figure we'll have starters in the rookie and as much as we paid Ellison I expect him to be 2 but any thoughts on past that, with Adams and Tye.  We've got 6 showing on the roster now.

Anyone else excited to see second year Goodson on the field?  Think he'll get the start?

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Andrews Adams will open as the starter, but Thompson will still get a lot of snaps. Looking at last year's snap counts, Leon Hall played 384 defensive snaps (35%), Nat Berhe 164 (15%), Trevin Wade 355 (32%). That's a lot of snaps for 2 players not on the roster and one ST.

Giants used 3 TE last year, and that won't change. Somersault is thankfully gone. He was nixed last year anyway. The starter is easily Engram. The blocker, Ellison. The Giants like Adams a lot so he will keep his position. Tye, last year's starter is the odd man out. I heard rumblings of trade rumors for him. I wouldn't be shocked though if they used Ellison as a FB for Tye to keep a spot on the roster, although we didn't have one last year. Herzlich is also playing TE now but he's primarily a ST.

Giants will sign a veteran late in training camp for the 4th CB spot. We'll use more 3 safeties this year.

Goodson played 13 defensive snaps last year. 5 LB played more snaps. I wouldn't jump on the bandwagon yet. Though there are extra snaps with Sheppard gone as the fourth and chance to move forward

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1 hour ago, GMENNATION said:

Add Rosas vs. Nugent to the list. I'd love to see Rosas win and have some continuity at kicker for a few seasons. Nugent is a fine kicker, but I have to pull for the kid!

Nugent missed 6 XP in 13 games

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