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Cincinnati Reds Thread - Elly De La Cruz is good at baseball


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Reds have extended Tucker Barnhart through 2021 with a team option for 2022.  4 years, $16 million, and $7.5 million or a $500k buyout on the option year.  This deal takes care off all 3 of his arbitration years plus one or two years of free agency.  Good deal for the Reds on one of the games better defensive catchers who has progressively hit more and more throughout his first 3 years.

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The Reds finish 2017 at 68-94, the exact same record they had in 2015, but instead of the #2 overall pick, they will pick #5 in the 2018 draft.  Had they lost the last game instead of winning it, they would have picked at #4.  That draft pool difference is approximately $450,000.

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Now that we're officially at the end of the season, here is where I have my Reds top 30 prospects, how old they are, and where I expect them to start next season

1. Nick Senzel, 3B - 22 years old, AAA
2. Hunter Greene, RHP - 18 years old, A-
3. Taylor Trammell, CF - 20 years old, A+
4. Jesse Winker, OF - 24 years old, MLB
5. Tyler Mahle, RHP - 23 years old, AAA
6. Tony Santillan, RHP - 20 years old, A+
7. Shed Long, 2B - 22 years old, AA
8. Vladimir Gutierrez, RHP - 22 years old, AA
9. Tyler Stephenson, C - 21 years old, A+
10. Jose Siri, CF - 22 years old, A+
11. Jose Lopez, RHP - 24 years old, AAA
12. Alex Blandino, 2B - 24 years old, AAA
13. Jeter Downs, SS - 19 years old, A-
14. Scott Moss, LHP - 23 years old, A+
15. Stuart Fairchild, OF - 21 years old, A-
16. Miles Gordon, OF - 19 years old, A-
17. Gavin Lavalley, 1B - 22 years old, AA
18. Jesus Reyes, RHP - 24 years old, AA
19. Phillip Ervin, OF - 25 years old, MLB
20. Jose Israel Garcia, SS - 19 years old, Rk
21. Jimmy Herget, RHP - 24 years old, AAA
22. Jacob Heatherly, LHP - 19 years old, Rk
23. Alfredo Rodriguez, SS - 23 years old, AA
24. Aristides Aquino, OF - 23 years old, AA
25. Zach Weiss, RHP - 25 years old, MLB
26. TJ Friedl, CF - 22 years old, A+
27. Miguel Hernandez, RHP - 18 years old, Rk
28. Mariel Bautista, OF - 19 years old, Rk
29. Victor Ruiz, C - 17 years old, AZL
30. Debby Santana, INF - 17 years old, AZL

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On ‎10‎/‎13‎/‎2017 at 2:08 PM, Beck Bristow said:

I'm thinking that they should consider moving Suarez back to short and go with Senzel at 3rd. Just not sure if they would have anyone to place hold if the organization will want to start the year with him in the bigs.

Geno is about 10-15 lbs heavier now than he was when he was at SS.  I don't think that move back works.  If he can move back, fill in Scooter at 3B for a month or so until we bring Senzel up, and in the meantime use one of Peraza/Herrera/Blandino at 2B.  Once Senzel is up, either move Scooter to 2B, or put him back in a super utility role.

I think the Reds plan is to have Peraza at SS, move Geno to 2B, and have Scooter start at 3B until Senzel is ready and then move Scooter to the super utility role.

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The Reds will not have two high level rookie league teams.  In addition to the Billings Mustangs (Reds affiliate in the Pioneer league since 1978) the Reds have bought the Greenville team in the Appalachian league and will use it as an additional rookie level resource.  They also have a lower level rookie league team in the Arizona league, as well as two different teams in the Dominican Summer league below that for young international prospects.  Is it merely a coincidence that after taking Hunter Greene they buy a team in Greeneville???????   Yes, yes it is.

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Baseball America has released their reds top 10



1. Nick Senzel, 3B
2. Hunter Greene, RHP
3. Taylor Trammell, OF
4. Tyler Mahle, RHP
5. Jesse Winker, OF
6. Tony Santillan, RHP
7. Jose Siri, OF
8. Shed Long, 2B
9. Vladimir Gutierrez, RHP
10. Tyler Stephenson, C

With JJ Cooper taking over as the managing editor, BA got C Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer to do this years Reds top 30 for the 2018 handbook


Strengths: With Nick SenzelTaylor Trammell and Jesse Winker, the Reds have a trio of pure hitters near the top of their prospect rankings. With a ballpark that helps everyone hit home runs, that trio could produce high averages and on-base percentages to go with solid power production. Overall the Reds system is deep in likely future big leaguers, though scouts see the majority of them as decent secondary pieces rather than future impact players.

Weaknesses: The Reds have spent significantly on catching prospects in recent years, but with 2015 first-round Tyler Stephenson struggling to stay healthy and 2016 second-rounder Chris Okey and defensive wizzes Stuart Turner and Joe Hudson not hitting, the Reds don't have a logical replacement for Tucker Barnhart and Devin Mesoraco on the near-term horizon.

?Best Hitter for Average
: Nick Senzel.
?Best Power Hitter: Jose Siri.
?Best Strike-Zone Discipline: Jesse Winker.
?Fastest Baserunner: Jose Siri.
?Best Athlete: Jose Siri.
?Best Fastball: Hunter Greene.
?Best Curveball: Ariel Hernandez.
?Best Slider: Jimmy Herget.
?Best Changeup: Tony Santillan.
?Best Control: Tyler Mahle. 
?Best Defensive Catcher: Chris Okey.
?Best Defensive INF: Alfredo Rodriguez.
?Best INF Arm: Nick Senzel.
?Best Defensive OF: Stuart Fairchild.
?Best OF ArmJose Siri.
Tucker Barnhart (30)
?1B Joey Votto (37)
?2B Eugenio Suarez (29)
?3B Nick Senzel (26)
?SS Jose Peraza (27)
?LF Taylor Trammell (23)
?CF Billy Hamilton (30)
?RF Jesse Winker (27)
?SP Hunter Greene (21)
?SP Luis Castillo(28)
?SP Tyler Mahle (26)
?SP Robert Stephenson (28)
?SP Amir Garrett (29)
?CL Raisel Iglesias (31)


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The Reds claimed Kyle Crockett from the Indians off of waivers, then non-tendered him to free up the 40 man roster spot, but used the exclusive negotiating period to sign him to a minor league deal for 2018 with a spring training invite with a solid change to win the LOOGY spot in the Reds bullpen, but wouldn't needed to be added until we could put Rookie Davis on the 60 day DL while he recovers from surgery still.  Some nice maneuvering from **** Williams.  That coupled with Tim Adleman signing to play in Korea leaves the Reds 40 man roster at 38 heading into the Winter meetings.  I don't think we take 2 guys in the rule 5 draft again, but you never know.  Maybe we have a trade brewing, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

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Rumor is a potential Eugenio Suarez contract could look like 6 years and $45-$50 million.  That'd be a great deal for the Reds and give Suarez that security.  He was a 3.7 WAR player in 2017, will be 31 in 2023 which is the last year of a potential 6 year deal. This is his first arbitration year so he'll start getting expensive, and a 6 year deal would lock up his prime years.  He was excellent defensively last year at 3B and would let us move Senzel to 2B (where he played his freshman and sophomore years at Tennessee) and have one of the better infields in baseball.

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