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Texans @ Panthers

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16 hours ago, Pastor Dillon said:

the most worrisome part of the game was how terrible our 1st team pass defense was

I think this is the year where we see a big regression from Jonathan Joseph. A lack of a quality S at either spot also complicates matters.

I like Marcus Gilchrist, don't know if he played. I think he can break into the lineup and have a Quentin Demps like impact...

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Didn't get to watch the game till yesterday, but here are my thoughts. 


  • XSF and Allen seem slim and trim. Both had sloppy bodies in the past but have transformed their bodies over the offseason. Only time will tell if it'll translate onto the field. (Not a good start for Allen....)
  • Ya, Tom looked good that 3rd series, but it was against mostly backups, and it was all dink and dunk passing. Nothing wow'd me about his performance. 
  • Under OB we've been a mixed bag on running blocking scheme. Early indications (Slimmer and trimmer OL and the 1st preseason game) we're moving to a complete zone blocking team. That being said, DW will be the starter sooner rather than later.



  • It was great to see JJ 1)close down backside as well as he did and 2) take that shot from the guard and pop right back up. It seems (knock on wood) that he's as healthy as he's been pre-back injury.
  • I know K.Johnson isn't the biggest build of CB's but Jesus, Benjamin ***** slapped him down like a rage doll. Hit the weight room son.
  • Like seeing Cunningham around that ball. It's never a back thing when your LB's have a nose for the ball.


Special Teams


Live shot of me watching our special teams. 



Basically all I want know is to see DW get time with the 1's, because that's the only way will know if he's truly ready. OB is going to have to give him some live reps with them in week 2. 

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