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Hypothetical: Jon Gruden makes Derek Carr available and Patriots are Interested


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John Gruden on Tom Brady "He woulda kicked your a**"

Please, after watching this video, comment if you can believe this head coach would trade for Tom Brady. Thank you.


The only starting quarterback not in voluntary OTA’s right now is Tom Brady. To make matters worse, his little “TB12” protégé, Gronk, is skipping OTA’s too. Reportedly, both guys are within walking distance from the stadium but working out separately from the Patriots.


I’m not one for sports talk radio but I happened to listen to a five minute interview with Greg Bedford today before promptly tuning out. In the aforementioned interview, Bedard was asked what can be expected to fix the toxic situation between Brady and Belichick, (and Gronk). Bedard said Kraft will probably allow Brady’s “TB12” trainer to rejoin the team while also handling a contract extension for Brady with Belichick being made aware of each decision along the way. (Gronk is a whole other issue.)



I think the Patriots will be competing for another Super Bowl with Brady and Gronk and Belichick in February 2019, but what if Jon Gruden picks up the phone and Derek Carr is offered up on the table.


What do you do? Carr is just seven months older than Jimmy G, and has similar attributes but a bigger résumé.

Jon Gruden brings up Tom Brady anger in Raiders welcome


I’ve seen Jon Gruden joked about on this forum as someone legitimately interested in trading major assets for older NFL players. So wouldn’t this fit right into the ongoing narrative about Gruden clamoring for veterans?


Gruden: Brady is a man on a mission


You could argue Gruden hasn’t gotten over his loss back in 2002 and is obsessed with Brady because of the Tuck Rule. Gaining a motived quarterback like Tom Brady away from the Patriots would be diabolically clever from Gruden’s perspective. Seeking to end the reign of the Patriots with the player at the center of it all in the midst of the franchise moving to Las Vegas two years from now could be all Gruden has in mind.


Jon Gruden (Duh) Regrets Not Drafting Tom Brady In Oakland


“He’s athletic, he’s got good vision, he sees the field well, and he’s accurate. Very good. He’s good at everything.

“He gets the ball out quick, but he can extend plays, good on the deep ball, good on intermediate balls, good on third down, good in the red area, manages the game well, can check and get them out of bad plays. The guy is a really good player. I don’t think there’s any doubt about it,” Belichick surmised.


This is Jimmy G we’re talking about, right? Oh, no? Well who is it then?

Patriots coach Bill Belichick on Raiders QB Derek Carr: 'He's good at everything'


[At his January introductory press conference, Gruden praised Carr.

"He has great arm talent, he’s athletic, he’s got natural leadership skills, he’s young, he’s in his prime, he’s healthy now," he said. "He’s, I think, been in a lot of different systems, played for a number of different quarterbacks (coaches). There hasn’t been a lot of continuity around him that way. I think he has a huge upside. " ]Read more here




Sure sounds like his guy, and looks like it too. Check out that Chucky face! Still, some started to wonder aloud just how much of a winner Carr is after signing a five year, $125 million dollar contract last summer.

Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms analyzed the fit of Gruden’s personality with Carr after quoting some people with concerns or beliefs about their relationship over time. Simms refers to Brady early on.

Jon Gruden's coaching style may alienate Carr

Now, it sounds like Carr wants to be coached hard but Jon Gruden may have his mind made up already.

Report: Raiders QB Derek Carr ‘got too comfortable’ with Todd Downing, will be ‘coached hard’ by Jon Gruden and co

Either way, a young, talented quarterback with leadership and accuracy is too good to hypothetically pass up if Brady, Belichick, (and Gronk), can’t get on the same page.

NFL Top 100 Players: Derek Carr Profile

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There is a ton of conjecture up there. I could probably find a bunch of quotes about a current HC from another team praising Brady and also quotes of BB praising an opposing QB (which he does after or before every game) and make it seem like the writing is on the wall. 


For arguments sake, would I want Derek Carr long term over Brady short? Not really. I really like what Carr brings to the table but his injury history concerns me and I dont think he is all that consistent. I am being majorly picky, but this team is still built for win now and Carr is being compared to the unquestioned GOAT in this scenario. 

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If the situation was as horrible as described in this scenario and BB-TB would essentially be a bad look away from an open fistfight (ramp up the my hyperbole hype), I'd say why not. Of course that isn't the case, so the only logical answer seems to be: lolno.

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