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2017 NFC North Fantasy League (DISCUSSION)


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Welcome to the 2017 NFC North Fantasy Football League. 

Congrats to Team squire12 for the 2016 League Title!!! 
2013...Team Pool at 7-6 
2014...Team CobbsNRodgers at 7-6 
2015...Team Skittles at 8-5 
2016...Team Squire12 at 11-2 

Here is the previous tread from the leagues inception in 2013 through last seaason. 

Here is the 2016 discussion thread 
2016 draft thread 

Old Forum 2017 discussion thread


Keeper deadline for August 15th at 10PM Central Time 

Set them on ESPN


Draft will start on August 21st.

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3 minutes ago, VikeManDan said:

Not sure if you want to update draft order with trades but I'll post anyway.

VMD sends 1.8, 3.2 and 2018 1st to The Gnat


1.1, 4.1 and 2018 3rd. 

Thanks for reminding me.  I went of the google sheets list that I had from before and had not updated it.

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55 minutes ago, VikeManDan said:

From the old forum it looks like it was:

Skittles (nzd07) sends Tyreek Hill, '17 1st, '18 1st and '19 1st to Russell Wilson's Miracle Water (persiandud)


Antonio Brown and Doug Martin

one of them should confirm though.


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