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Are you worried about missing the playoffs?

Are you worried about missing the playoffs?  

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The Steelers are in a class by themselves. They can beat any team. They can lose to any team. TO ME that's a coaching issue. I'm not one to call out Tomlin. I think there is a better chance you'd do worse if you tried to replace him. But man is it frustrating. 

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On 12/6/2018 at 8:11 AM, FourThreeMafia said:

Butler and Porter and the ST coach should all be replaced IMO.... Even if we make the playoffs. 

What exactly does this accomplish? You fire Butler at this stage, you aren't just firing him but the entire defensive staff. There's no one underneath him to promote unless they think the DB coach from Alabama is the guy. Which wouldn't surprise me given how this team makes decisions like this in the last decade or so (hint - I'm not a fan). And if you fire Butler and his staff and bring in an outsider, you are stuck in a position where you have to tell Tomlin hands off the defense. Which is supposedly his specialty what with his one year as a coordinator and all.

People are saying this team is inconsistent, but they really aren't. Any middling team can say they're inconsistent, but the reality is that they haven't beaten anyone this year. They've struggled against every semi-competent team they faced besides Carolina who they got at home on a short week. That along with the game against Atlanta were their most impressive wins. They were down 21-0 to KC and put up basically garbage time numbers. They were never really threatening to overtake them. The defense had zero answers that day.

The team isn't that talented and they sure as hell don't have a dazzling brilliant mind running things. I mean, you have Antonio Brown and Juju outside, and they spend half their time throwing it horizontally. Meanwhile, they have a pathetic whole in the middle of their defense at ILB and they trot out Coty Sensabaugh as their #2 CB.

From top to bottom the decision makers on this team are up their own ***. I love the let's fire a coordinator and hire his subordinate move! Cowher used to shuffle coordinators like chairs on the deck of the Titanic and the staffs tended to go with them. He also had an actual coaching tree. Now we have fire a guy and promote his mediocre underling. The closest to newblood they get is the occasional outside hire of a positional coach, and usually even then it's someone they know. The organization is stale.

It troubles me that the Steelers thought it was a swell idea to basically recreate the coaching staff from some ****ty Memphis team. I mean, that '96 Memphis squad should have been all-world what with the likes of Tomlin, Butler, and Fitchner on staff. It isn't cronyism at all that it's 2018 and they somehow make up the Steelers coaching triumvirate.

I don't know what this team is on either side of the ball. I do expect a humiliating end to the season. Losing to Oakland like this sadly won't be the worst of it.

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