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Free agents 2019


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Happy Friday everyone!

Wanted to start a post of free agents you think Miami has a serious chance of signing. I know we will be building mostly thru the draft, but we will releasing or trading ALOT of players and we need some reinforcements to help with the switch on offense and defense philosophies. We won't sign all these free agents, but some of these players are young, won't break the bank, and can be starters for this upcoming season and for years to come:

QB Teddy Bridgewater 

  Image result for teddy bridgewater

If we don't trade for QB Jacoby Brissett, Bridgewater would be perfect QB to replace Tannehill. He is still young (27), won't break the bank like Nick Foles, and has the intangibles that OC O'Shea looks for in a QB= Smart, doesn't turn football over, has great work ethic and provides good leadership. I am still all in on Murray but if Miami does want a bridge QB, Teddy is the best out there.

FB Danny Vitale

 Image result for dan vitale packers

I am ECSTATIC that we will FINALLY have a legit FB on the team. I know FB is not a "premium" postion in today's NFL, but Pats showed all year (especially in the playoffs) that the best way to run is in I-Formation with a FB. Vitale is only 24 years old and won't cost anything to sign.

WR Kevin White

 Image result for kevin white

From 1 bust (Parker) to another, White could benefit from a switch in teams and offensive scheme. Only 27 years old and has the size and speed we need to help out Stills, Wilson, and Grant. He will probably be a 1 year prove it deal, why not with Miami?


OG Marcus Martin

Image result for MARCUS MARTIN

Another draft pick who is considered a bust but we need all the help we can get with our interior O-line. Only 25 years old, he could compete and maybe win one of the starting OG spots.


OLB Shane Ray

 Image result for shane ray

He was the odd man out once Denver selected Chubb and is another 1st round "bust" that can benefit from a switch in teams. Still only 26 years old and can play both OLB and DE in our multiple scheme. With Quinn, Wake, and Branch all gone most likely, we need a pass rusher to help out Harris.

Let me know what you guys think!


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I think we can get a beastly FB in R6, like  George Aston, rather than spending money one.

I was hoping for Dante Fowler Jr., but I think his situation might've changed after going to the SB.

Bigger money guys (a little unrealistic because they might get the tag)

DE Frank Clark, SEA

DE Trey Flowers, NE

LB Jordan Hicks, PHI


DL Henry Anderson, NYJ

Edge, Preston Smith, WAS

CB Eric Rowe, NE

CB Ronald Darby, PHI

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I love the idea of Bridgewater as a 2-3 year QB until we find and develop our guy.  I think he possibly could even be our guy with more experience and development.

I've been wanting us to bring Bridgewater back to Miami since he left "The U" for Louisville.  

Thinking numbers.........I would offer maybe $13mil per year with $39mil guarantee......after that maybe $20mil per year for years 4 and 5 with no guarantee.  Sounds realistic to me for a player that's earned $13mil over his entire career so far.  Certainly a bit low for a starter but we need a low QB hit to compete and retain our few players worthy.

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Here’s a 2019 UFA that everyone is talking about but no fan or front office seems to want on their team.  Colin Kapernick.

Thats Right......I’m saying it.....Let’s bring in Captain Kneel himself to be our stopgap.

Hear me out Homies!!!!!!  $13 mil, with $3 mil incentives and a second year option worth $15 mil and $2 mil incentives.......Contractual Agreement to No Kneeling, and a sincere heartfelt apology to anyone he may have offended with his Fidel Castro remarks.......He admits that he was wrong by saying what he said about Castro and Cuba and that he knows better now.

Before you start saying he will never do this, let me tell you why you might be wrong.  It was always about money and getting out of the dysfunction that became the 49ers.  I’ve always claimed right from the start that Kapenick’s kneeling was amazingly well timed with his issues of getting out of San Fran and getting to Denver, who was trying to trade for him.  San Fran wanted more from Denver and Denver smartly wouldn’t budge, so Kap started doing things to drive down the price, but the 49ers weren’t buying it.

Kap wants to play, and with a full training camp he could be back at a top 10 QB level of play.  

Okay so if we are trying to tank then why would we bring in a stopgap QB that can make big plays look routine?  Well because big plays are exciting and excitement sells......season tickets, game tickets, parking spot tickets, concessions, merchandise.......TV time.......Advertisers.

Would Kapernick keep us from tanking????  Nope, because we still need a D Line and pass rushers, as well as 1 starting caliber CB, and 2 OG’s and a Center, and a productive TE.

Worse that could happen.......He just doesn’t have it anymore and we don’t pick up his second year option.  What if he starts kneeling again?  We cut him for cause / breech and owe him nothing.  What if the people of Miami refuse to forgive him?  It won’t happen if he performs.......Sports fans forgive if a player performs and asks for forgiveness.

It probably won’t happen, and Kap ends up a Raider, but it probably should happen.

I loved the Kap pick when he was drafted and watched him carry that 49ers Offense to a Super Bowl, also watched him almost beat us in Miami by himself a couple years ago.  We should at least kick the tires on him and see if he still has the ability and desire.......There’s a chance he could be redeemed and still be something Great!!

We forgave Ricky Williams who quit the team to run away and smoke dope.  He came back and was a really, really good RB for us for several more years.  

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It’s looking like we will need to sign 2 to 3 Free Agent Olinemen.  I don’t expect to see us draft more than 1 or maybe 2 at the max.

If we can re-sign RT Juwaun James to a deal under $9 mil a year ( going to be tuff considering the market ), and sign a potential starting OG or Center in Free Agency then we just need to draft 1 potential starter which could be done in round 3.

Free Agents: Juwaun James RT, Quentin Spain OG ( better pass then run blocker but could be had for $3-$4mil per year ), Center Matt Paradis.  All are young and are worth signing / re-signing.  Landing one of these three in addition to drafting one starter and then bringing in 2-3 Undrafted Free Agents for depth could help us improve our forever struggling OLine.

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4 hours ago, freak_of_nature said:

Kilgore is really affordable over the next 2 seasons and a passable starting OC. Hopefully he comes back.

He only played 3 or 4 games last season due to injury, he’s on the wrong side of thirty, and he didn’t grade out very well.  He may be back, but hopefully someone younger and cheaper relegates him to being a backup.

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4 hours ago, Dolphinmeister said:

Miami signed TE Dwayne Allen to a two year 7 million contract.

Meh........maybe he can be a Red Zone threat again.......hopefully without hindering our young TE’s development too much.

Only TE on our roster that I can see being any good right now is O’Leary.

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On 3/4/2019 at 11:28 AM, freak_of_nature said:

Speaking of FA's, James is our only priority resign and I haven't heard anything about him. 

James just signed a deal with Denver...RT just became a major hole to fill. Sad to see him go. Sad that we couldn't retain a recent first round draft selection in James. 


Edit: he's expecting to sign a deal with Denver making him the highest paid RT in the league. 

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8 hours ago, JourneymanQB13 said:

James just signed a deal with Denver...RT just became a major hole to fill. Sad to see him go. Sad that we couldn't retain a recent first round draft selection in James. 


Edit: he's expecting to sign a deal with Denver making him the highest paid RT in the league. 

Rebuilding teams can't be signing anyone and making them highest paid in the league at a position. Oh hay, Mr Slot Corner...

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