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Pick is in, #40 - CB Trayvon Mullen

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Mullen, Conley, Joyner, and Abram. One of the worst Secondarys to possible Pro Bowl Secondary once they gain experience?

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Scouting report: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/trayvon-mullen?id=32194d55-4c38-0585-7ea5-54b5f4d9dbd8

  • Tall and long
  • Experience in all modes of coverage
  • Must carry a rep because offenses rarely targeted him
  • No touchdowns and fewer than 300 passing yards allowed
  • Can strike with jarring quick-set jams from press
  • Uses lateral quickness to match and hinder release
  • Plays with fast feet and quick acceleration to chase out of transition
  • Bodies up to crowd the catch
  • Hips are agile and loose for recovery after coverage mistakes
  • Rarely beaten down the field in that scheme
  • Very limited ball production at Clemson
  • Slightly built through his lower body
  • Can be slow to sort through bunch release
  • Has trouble staying connected to complex routes
  • Below-average balance and base in coverage
  • Inconsistent staying in phase
  • Feet get jumpy and inefficient
  • Average instincts and garners few clues from quarterback
  • Grab-and-drag tackler who drops his head into impact

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I like the leadership. I like his tackling skills. I like his blitzing. I like his versatility in coverage. Good height and 40 time. Sounds like fluid hips (haven't watched enough). Didn't know much about the dude, but not upset about the pick. Especially since we slid back and added value.

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2 minutes ago, Silver&Black88 said:

I like his blitzing.

Joyner is a good blitzer too. Who needs DE's when we can just blitz our slot CB's!?

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